AMPED is a summer event where your kids can come have a blast, learn about Jesus, get messy, and meet new friends! Join us for 4 nights this summer as we journey through scripture to see how Jesus changes lives. We can live our lives fully because of Jesus! 

  • This event is for incoming Kindergarteners through incoming 5th grade.
  • Dates: June 19th, July 3rd, July 17th, and July 31st. Your child can attend one, or all 4! And yes they can bring their friends!
  • Time: 6:15PM-6:30PM is drop off time. Pick up is between 8:15PM-8:30PM.
  • Some important information!
    • Kids will get wet and possibly messy, so make sure they are wearing cloths and shoes to do that in. 
    • We highly recommend bathing suits be worn underneath a top and shorts. 
    • We recommend no open toed shoes or flip flops. We will be running and doing relays and flip flops can turn dangerous quickly.
    • Kids can bring a towel to dry off with if they would like, but they will need to keep track of it. They will stay at their home-base tent area. SCC is not responsible for lost items.
    • For any questions about the event, or concerns, please e-mail Jessica Seelye at


A parent guardian must fill out the registration form. 

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(Latex, Food, Bees, etc...We will use washable materials, and paint. If it's an allergy, we highly recommend you list it.)