Today, America is waking up to a new trajectory. How will we handle ourselves in the wake of the 2016 elections?

Standing Up For What’s Right - Over this past year, I have seen people stand up for civil rights, education issues, crime issues, and so much more when discussing candidates for office. The question is, what are you going to do with the issues now that this election year is closed?  People are waking up today either happy or sad about the decisions that have been made at the state and country level. No matter how you feel about the candidates chosen, what matters most now is your involvement in your own community. Are you willing to love those different than you, show grace, and realize that by doing those things you can help change the civil divide amongst races? Laws can be set to protect race, culture, and religion, but ultimately it’s a matter of us loving each other for WHO we are and WHOSE we are. We are all daughters and sons of the king of kings. Do you treat others in that regard? Are you willing to get involved and sit around the table with your local educators to start working on plans to improve education, testing measures, and teacher retention? As a parent are you willing to be involved in your school system so you can actually have a voice at the table? 

Setting An Example - Our kids are watching us. My hope is that as adults we can set an example to younger generations on how to win well, or lose well. My hope is that we can handle ourselves in a way that shows kids that action does speak louder than words, and we live out what we believe. No matter what happens after this day, God is still in charge. Are we living and acting like it? Are we living in light of the fact that God has everything under control, even if it doesn’t feel like it? Your kids are watching how you handle yourselves in this. Your kids are watching how you talk about those in authority. Your kids are watching how you talk about your friends that disagree with you. What are your kid seeing and hearing?

Start Today - That passion that is stirring in your heart…pick it apart today. What part can you play in making small changes that will make a difference? Pray about it. Figure out your gifts, your talents, your connections, and start asking God to open up doors for you to get involved in that issue. Open your eyes, look at your community, and see that there are so many opportunities for you to make a difference in this world in the name of Jesus. Don’t turn away from the homeless, the orphaned, the hurting, the broken, the lost. This is the time we need to have our eyes focused on Jesus, and turn toward working on things other than ourselves. If each one of us takes up a cause that God has stirred in our hearts, what kind of community would we be living in at that point? I believe it would be a community in the process of healing. I believe it would look like a community that wouldn’t just talk about Jesus, but lives and loves like Jesus in such a way that people would wonder “what in the world is happening there?” 

Today you have a choice in light of choices that were made yesterday. We can either let this past year be just that, another election year, or we can use it as a catalyst of making change in people lives, your life, and your community. What part are you going to play?