Written by Lindsey Taylor

Amber is married to Roger Nobbe and has a daughter, 12 year old Marcie, and a son, 6 year old Drew. They have been attending Shelbyville Community Church for about 3 years. Amber originally got involved serving in the nursery before changing to tech booth, and has stayed with it for 2 years.

She says Todd Crenshaw is one of the reasons she serves, “He teaches and encourages me.  He also works with your schedule and understands the balance we all need to have in our lives.”

This semester, she’s also co-leading an online bible study with Pastor Jess. She’s learned so much leading this study, and loves getting to know other great women who struggle with the same things she does.She’s also learned much from Todd, Brandon, Brad, Jason and Jessica about how much God loves us and wants to be with us every moment of every day.

“I've learned from them that we are all broken and none of them claim to have it all together and it’s ok! As far back as I can remember I have understood and believed that Jesus died on the cross for us, but since I started to serve at SCC I understand that God wants a personal relationship with us.  I am learning how to listen for him.  I am also learning to show people forgiveness and grace, even when I don't feel like they deserve it.”

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