Written by Lindsey Taylor

Amanda is married to her husband Alva. She has 2 step children, ages 22 and 24, and a 7 year old daughter. She also has 3 dogs. In her free time, Amanda and her family like to go fishing, sit out on the porch, and play games with friends.

Amanda has been coming to SSC since 2011, and currently serves in the KidZone. She states she knew it was the right church as soon as she walked in. She loves how it’s “come as you are”, and she always feels at home and welcomed.

She loves pouring God’s word into the children and seeing them understand what it means. She says, “When one of them comes up to you and tells you something we studied weeks ago, it is so awesome! I just love to watch them grow.” She enjoys watching how simple matters don't bother the children for long, “When something happens, not much later they are like, ‘Oh I'm over it.’”

In her time serving, it’s taught her how to improve her relationship with people by trying to think like a child herself, and not take offenses as much as well.