Written by Lindsey Taylor

Emily’s family owns a Chinese/sushi restaurant in town called Chopsticks. She’s involved in numerous things at school and work, and with every free time she gets, she states she jokingly wastes by relaxing. She really likes watching movies, cooking terrible meals for one, and anything artistic. She also likes pretending she’s “a world-class ukulele player.”

Emily’s been coming to SCC's youth group since her sophomore year, but her family actually attends a church on the south side of Indianapolis called Aldersgate Free Methodist Church, where there is a Chinese service along with English. For the past several months, she’s been attending SCC on Sundays.

She’s a part of the High School Youth Group at SCC, and helps serve at the Middle School, where she is a high school leader for the girl’s 7th grade small group. She loves getting to know younger students from all different backgrounds and being able to be a part of their life every week. She says she always thinks back to her middle school self, listening to friends talking about youth group, and wanting to go so badly. She feels extremely lucky that she can now be someone who helps these children get to youth group, and is incredibly proud to be a part of something that can be a safe haven for all kinds of children.

She states serving at Middle School has changed her in countless, positive ways. “It's not something that you notice from week to week, but every time I take a moment to reflect, I'm always overcome by gratitude. Serving at the Middle School has made me a more confident, compassionate, fearless servant, and a more inspired leader. I've learned so much from the other leaders and especially from the kids. As much as we're supposed to help the kids grow, I've grown myself. I learn right alongside them!”

Serving has also made her more fearless in her relationship with God. In her group, she’s been told "We win when we experience what they [the kids] experience," which has really rung true for her over the past year and a half. Before the Middle School group, she was not nearly as bold as she is now in sharing her faith with others. She says, “I wasn't brave enough to raise my hands during worship. I didn't have the guts to pray in front of people. I definitely didn't have the guts to stand in front of a room full of middle schoolers and dance to "Party in the USA." I've become more intentional and passionate about my relationships, in big loud ways like dancing, and in small, quiet ways, like prayer.”