Written by Elishah McDonald

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.  Romans 12:12

In the verse above it says to “rejoice in hope” and “be patient in tribulation.”  It’s saying to be excited and ecstatic when goods things come our way, but when we are hurting or suffering we need to wait we need to be calm, and we need to be patient.   


We need to let God work.  He does not forget about you and He will never leave us, I can promise you that.

Loving your family and leading them in their faith and their relationship with Jesus is so important! Whether you are a husband, wife, mom, dad, sibling, or even grandma or grandpa, you can all help lead in some sort of way.


If you’re married pray for one another or ask to pray with them. For you older siblings, you can lead by example to the little ones. No matter how much of a pain they may be, they think of you as their own personal hero in their life, so they will listen and follow every step you take.


Let’s pray.

Dear Jesus, please help lead my family in their journey with Christ...