Written by Laurie Brooks


One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.  Luke 6:12


Luke is a physician, an associate and traveling companion of Paul.  It is thought that Luke wrote his gospel for an influential man named Theophilus, from whom Luke may have received funding for his writing endeavor.  Theophilus may have been a new convert and was financially able to affront the funds and materials necessary to Luke.  Luke, himself, could have been a man of great means as well. 


I tend to be very scientific when I ponder the Word of God.  I like to know and understand the black and white facts - which means I think WAY too hard about verses and tend to question things I should just chalk up to faith. 


So, while I was researching this verse (there goes that black and white thing again), I found it very interesting that a man of obvious means should leave his home and travel with Paul.  He became a disciple – he accepted and assisted in spreading God’s word.  And Luke had never met Jesus! 


So, before I could even pray about this verse, I was completely impressed that Luke would follow Paul, believe and have faith in Jesus, when he could have stayed at home in his comfortable “doctor’s house”. 


Luke tells me that Jesus went to a mountainside and prayed.  He also spent the night praying to God.  What was so important to Jesus that He felt he needed to pray all night?  The next verse gives my scientific brain a hint (well, a slap up-side the head, actually):  “in the morning, He called His disciples to Him and chose twelve of them as His apostles."  It was the very beginning of THE disciple creating disciples! 


As we have all heard a lot lately “SCC wins when we make a disciple who makes another disciple."  This is where it all started!  Jesus prayed all night about this very thing. 


But what do you suppose He asked of God?  I don’t know about you, but my mind would have wandered after about five minutes, and I would have fallen asleep in less than thirty minutes.  It has nothing to do with the importance of this – it has everything to do with being human. 


We heard a sermon (here at SCC) about this, and I have talked about it with my small group.  How in the world do you pray all night long?  You talk.  You just talk to God.  Have a conversation with Him.  Much as Jesus probably prayed:

            Please help me be a disciple of Christ and fulfill His mission!

            Help my church become disciples in our community!

            Pray that I (and SCC) trust, learn, and have a bigger faith in Him!

            Guide me in Your path that I might lead others to You.


Just talk to God.  He is always listening.