Written by Tammy Crenshaw


Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.  Matthew 7:11


Ask, seek, knock are all ACTION words.  How active is your prayer life?  Do you ask selfishly?  When you seek, is it to find selfish answers?  Are you knocking on a door in hopes that God will open it for your own selfish gain?


As a Christian we are called to follow Jesus' actions. What does that mean when you read a verse like Matthew 7:11?  Praying unselfish prayers takes an intentional mindset.  When we pray using action words like ask, seek and knock, we need to be ready to act when we feel God prompting us into action. Today's verse clearly tells us that when we ask, it will be given.  (Ask Him with a loving heart).  If we seek, we will find. (Seek with eyes on Him). If we knock, it will be opened to us. (Knock with the expectation that His answer will be revealed).


Matthew’s words seem simplistic.  You mean, all I have to do is ask and “it” will be given?  Wait, what is “it”?  What if the “it” I ask for isn’t the “it” I’m given? There may be some fear associated with asking, seeking and knocking.  We must have the intentional mindset of, “I’m going to ask God for ‘it’ and believe the ’it’ He gives, is His will for me.”  The belief in God hearing our prayerful action words and showing us His will when we ask, seek or knock should not cause us to be fearful, but instead, should bring us peace.  There is peace in knowing that God knows which “it” will allow His glory to be seen even if “it” was not the “it” we asked for.


When we pray, we are having an active conversation with God. You do not need to speak any fancy words when you are having a conversation with God. He doesn’t expect our conversations to always be warm and fuzzy. He wants to hear you Ask, Seek and Knock in the belief and expectation that you will be Given, Found and Opened to His great love and glory.


My prayer for us today:

Hey God, I come to You today with my heart and eyes actively fixed on You. I ask, seek and knock expecting Your will for my life. Help me to be intentional in my prayer life and in my walk with You.  Help me believe in Your will for my life.  May others see You through my actions today.  In Your name I pray. Amen.