Written by Kay Hungate


The Lord detests the sacrifice of the wicked, but the prayer of the upright pleases him. 

Proverbs 15:8


Detest and wicked – such strong words to find in the Bible!  Yet – when Solomon wrote these words, he did have a very clear message for us.  Solomon wanted us to think about our everyday life and he offers us guidance on how to navigate what is a path filled with choices.  God asks that we confess our sins and He promises to take them away.  Even those that are in the deep recesses of our soul that we share with no one – God sees and knows them.  God is asking us to have a clean heart before Him, bring our cares, anxieties and sins before Him so He may wash them clean.  Then, through the Holy Spirit, He asks that we be ‘fishers of men’ and pursue discipleship.


God wins when we bring one more person into His family.  We accomplish this through trying to live in accordance with the word of God, fellowship and prayer.  This thing called ‘discipleship’ sounds a bit intimidating to me.  However, if we think about it as trying to live like Jesus, understanding God accepts our failures and faults, it becomes very real. Remember, even the 12 disciples disappointed Jesus and had sin and yet, He kept walking beside them.   Being a disciple means spreading the love of Jesus and helping others to understand how much they are loved by the Lord and that He gave His only Son to take away our sins.  If we attempt to live like Jesus, letting His joy spring from our hearts, demonstrating the compassion, gentleness and kindness of Christ, others will want what we have, a life in the Lord!  That opens the door for us to share the love of Christ and all He is done for us. 


Discipleship and being ‘fishers of men’ is about taking one step at a time, moving beyond what may be our comfort zone in the name of Jesus.  It is being Jesus with skin on.  Once you take the first step, the next one gets a bit easier.  When covered in prayer, it is amazing how the power of the Holy Spirit will provide you with the right words at the right time to share the love of Jesus.  May you choose to be the light of Jesus in someone’s darkness.


Prayer Starter

Lord, I know I am called to be your hands and feet for others, but it isn’t always easy.  You know what is in my heart.  I pray that Your Spirit may work within me and help me to take that next step.  I pray that…..