Written by Pam Rood


Read Luke 11:9-13. 


Jesus is speaking to his disciples teaching them how to pray.


“Ask and it will be given to you..”- Have you ever had someone beat around the bush and not actually ask you a direct question?  Or have you ever felt the need to build up enough brownie points to cash them in for a big request?  Don’t do that. We are to approach our heavenly Father boldly asking directly without reservation.  He wants to hear from his children.  He wants to hear from you just as you are.


“Seek and you will find..”- This means to look for, to try and obtain, or studying to find an answer. I walked out of the kitchen into our living room where I found our oldest son sitting on our couch. He appeared to be just staring out into nowhere, daydreaming at best. 

“What are you doing?” I asked. 

“Playing hide and go seek.” 

“Are you hiding or are you the seeker?” 

“I am the finder.” 

“Why aren’t you looking?” 

“I am!” he replied. “I’m listening for my brother.” 

Sometimes the most important part of seeking is not just looking but listening.  Sometimes that means actively listening to God. You can do this by spending time in his Word, seeking the counsel and wisdom of another Christ follower, and being an active part of a small group.


“Knock and it will be opened” – This is the intentional act of persistently making room for God to answer your prayer.  If you are praying, “Lord, please give me more time with my family,” but are filling up all of your time with other appointments, meetings, and electronics it’s like you are trying to will a doorbell to ring without pushing the button.


In verse 10 Jesus is recapping and stating promises: For everyone who asks will receive, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.


Verses 11-13 talk about how even a regular person/father (an “evil man” being sinful in nature not God) would know to give his children good gifts.  Example: If it’s snowing outside and you have to give your kids foot gear you are not going to buy them flip flops. You would buy them a nice warm pair of snow boots. If we being sinners know what to give our kids and very much desire to do so, then think how much more a loving God would give His Children!  


When Asking, Seeking, and Knocking know that  Prayer isn’t  transactional: I ask therefore you must deliver.  Every time we ask it is a gift.  When we pray the answer could be” yes”, “no”, “wait” or “yes but not the way you have in mind.” 


You can grow in your prayer life by praying and taking action:

Ask God to bring unity amongst your family and the families of SCC.

Seek God’s leading in showing you different ways to love on your family including saying “no” to things in order to make time for your family.

Knock: Sometimes we just need to get off the couch and actually do uniting things with our family.  Put in the extra effort to pray together.