Written by Larry and Susan Lux

These are short but thought provoking sentences; most of them are two sentences in one verse, illustrating each other.  Sometimes these sentences contrast with each other, sometimes the second line explains the first and sometimes the second line carries forward the idea in the first. 

But the idea of all the sentences is to set before us the ideas of what is thought of as good and evil.  Evil is also described as wicked, because they don’t follow the way of the righteous and they wander off track.    Another common thread is the contrast between the Wise, (who walk after God’s wisdom) and the foolish and lastly those that are receiving blessing and those that are cursed. 

Many of the proverbs in this chapter relate to putting a guard across our mouths and being watchful of what we say.  But what stayed with us the most was the thought that those who follow God’s wisdom or “The Wise” will bring happiness to their parents through their obedience and will experience both spiritual and physical blessing and provision.  While “The Foolish”, or those who ignore God’s wisdom, will cause grief, gain nothing, and are rejected by God.