Written by Marianne Memarian

My husband dared not correct me unless he was prepared for an angry wife or a pity filled one.  What he didn't realize back then:  I was already overly critical of myself, inwardly, privately, secretly.  (It would be years before I understood that introspection can shrink the soul.).  In those days  I could not withstand even one iota more ofcorrection!  I guess you would have to call that "insecure."  I longed to have more stability in my life and I just wanted to be happy.  Searching for truths that could help me was not an overnight journey, for sure.  A significant discovery, though, was how GOD viewed me.  Soon, GOD'S view became my regular diet.  I was slowly developing new thinking patterns which brought Great shifts and positive changes in my emotions and moods. I gained strength until finally others did not have to walk on eggshells around me because I was comfortable with myself.  I could hear corrections, sometimes even laugh at myself, andlearned to grow from other's input.  Happy Day! 

           If you reject discipline you only harm yourself, but if you
                            LISTEN TO CORRECTION,
                                 you will GROW
                                       in understanding.  Prov. 15:32 NLT