Written by Laurie Brooks

As a newly baptized Christian, I read Proverbs 7 and wondered what God is trying to say to me.  The writing is clear:  A Warning Against the Adulterous Woman.  As I prayed and asked God to help me hear and understand His word, I asked, “What should I take from this?  I’m not an adulterous woman nor do I have a son.”

It became clear that just understanding the idea of this chapter is what God is trying to say to me.  The chapter is about sex, but I believe it is speaking to all types of evil behavior.  God is telling me to read the Bible and store His commandments in my heart.  To know what He says so well that it will always guard my heart and mind from temptation.   To gain wisdom and insight from His word will keep me from “the wayward woman and her seductive words.”

Wisdom, no matter who or where you are, is available for those who ask God for it.  It’s exactly what Solomon did, the author (and probably the wisest man known) and why we have the book of Proverbs today.  He prayed to God and asked for wisdom.  

Two things I found interesting:  Solomon calls the young man without wisdom simple.  And then he goes on to describe the temptation that the young man was facing.  This temptation is like tempting an animal into a trap, the animal is either wise and does not enter the trap, or it isn’t wise and enters the trap.  Just as 1 Peter 5:8 says “Be careful!  Your enemy is the devil.  He walks about, like a lion.  He is looking for someone to kill and to eat”.   Which is how this chapter ends – with death.  

Temptation will always look fun, it will always be attractive.  But the reality is it will always end in ruin.  Wisdom must become a part of us and part of our lives, so when temptation does come (and it will), wisdom will guide our decisions.