Written by Del Clements

There is much to be said about wisdom.  In verses 22-31 we discover that wisdom was before the creation of the earth with our eternal God, and He used her in creating our world and the universe.

In verses 1-4 we learn that wisdom desires for us to seek and find her.  She is everywhere and in all things.

In verses 5-7 we learn to seek her with an understanding heart and listen for her voice.  Wisdom speaks truth.                      

Verse 8 states that the words of wisdom are righteous.  They are there for those who seek knowledge.

In verses 10 & 11 and 18-21 we find that instruction, or wisdom, is more precious than silver, gold, precious jewels, or any and every material thing.

Verse 12 tells us the virtues of wisdom are prudence, knowledge & discretion.

Verse 13 says wisdom hates pride & arrogance, evil, and a perverse mouth.

Verses 14 & 35, informs us that wisdom gives us strength to live godly lives.

Verses 15 & 17, declares that wisdom is not only for rulers and judges, but it is for EVERYONE who seeks her.

Finally, verse 30 warns us that all who reject wisdom are on a path to destruction.

It is reassuring to me to know that wisdom is always at our fingertips.  Our loving God gives her generously to all who seek to follow Him and ask Him for guidance and direction.  Thanks to Jesus’ sacrificial life, death and resurrection we can go to the throne room of God anytime; and, thru prayer, reading and studying our Bible, and the Holy Spirit we can receive wisdom to walk the straight and narrow path to our Heavenly Father and the BEST life possible.