Written by Dan Blackford

This chapter starts out by Solomon sharing with us all about the importance of having understanding and wisdom, but don't be fooled (see what I did there) these words come straight from the heart of God!

Solomon starts by putting out the call to anyone who is interested to read his words and raise the bar on how they live their lives. He also makes note that you've never arrived on this issue of gaining wisdom, but that there is always more to be gained so never quit pursuing it. Then he just lays it out that there are two camps: those who fear the Lord and those who don't. He (GOD) has a special name for those who don't, He calls them FOOLS. You get the impression he wants to steer us towards the ‘Fear the Lord Camp’ don't you?

The next thing he encourages us to do is to listen to our parents and let their wisdom benefit us. This doesn't mean our parents are perfect, but the fact is they have twenty or thirty more years at living and hearing from the Lord so what they have to offer is of great value. Solomon goes on to offer advice about who we choose to hang around. When I read this passage, I remember the words of my parents: “You are known by the company you keep”.  I thought they made it up! Who knew?

The chapter ends with Wisdom (AKA: GOD) calling out to anyone who will listen,  following your own path will lead you away from me (like sheep we have all gone astray) but that listening to His wisdom and following it will allow us to live in peace without any fear.