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Go - Day 4

Go - Day 4

Written by Noah Henderson

Exodus 33:14, “The Lord replied, ‘I will personally go with you, Moses, and I will give you rest—everything will be fine with you.’”

Right off the bat as I read this passage I have to attempt to recall the number of times I have heard The Lord tell me that he is personally with me. And the overwhelming sensation that we get as followers of Christ when we take a breath and stop for a moment to remember everything is going to be okay. That comfort can often times be overwhelming at first and unlike anything we can explain.

The hard part for me is when life gets busy I often hear the “noise” of life and forget that this world cannot make up an ounce of comfort that God graciously and unconditionally gives every moment of every day. This verse is a reminder that our God is the definition of peace and without Him, true peace is hard to find, comprehend, or understand. Yet, if we apply this to OUR lives we can start to realize that we are never alone. Just as Moses was unsure of the path that the pillar of smoke and the pillar of fire may lead him, we too can become unsure of where God may lead us.

I personally know a few moments in my short life that what I wanted to do was not what God had planned for me at that point of my life. Since high school, I have wanted to move to closer to family. I had a chance to move to Washington State many times. The first time, God laid on my heart that He wanted me to stay in Shelbyville, 5 months later I was accepted into Vincennes when many of my peers and family had already marked me as a failure in life.

The second time I began to look for a job in Seattle (in the same field I was currently working in) when I heard God tell me again that He had more work for me back at home, that same summer I found out my current job (EMT) was not for me and was offered a full time position for the school system with great benefits. 1 year later I started looking again for an open position in Tacoma and yet again I heard The Lord tell me that He has more work for me in Shelbyville. That summer I was promoted at the school and was accepted into Indiana Wesleyan University’s business program in the same month.

After two years I find myself with a job offer on the table from a school district in the Tacoma area, but still fully knew that God had more for me here. I turned down that offer and took up an offer to completely surrender my heart to The Lord. I began to lean more and more on Him as I received another promotion, graduated College, got involved in small groups, was offered another promotion, got involved with the creative team, started working with the youth group, and relentlessly and continuously gave my time and resources to local businesses and the community.

His peace and comfort grow in me as I feel Him going with me just as He went with Moses. My prayer is that God continues to open my eyes and gives me sight to focus on His path and His plan. I also pray that He use me to be a light to others so that they may see, wherever they go He is personally there with them too.