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James 5:13



Written by Jessica Ebert

Is anyone among you suffering? Then he must pray. Is anyone cheerful? He is to sing praises.  James 5:13


As disciples of Christ, we aren’t promised an easy journey. We all face periods of trials and walk through what seem to be dark valleys. James 5:13 tells us that during these times we need to be reliant on God and pray. During these difficult, and at times confusing, points in our lives, we need to be reliant on God, knowing that he has good intentions for his children….his disciples.


What is the first thing we do when experience a personal crisis? Do we call a loved one for encouragement or support? Do we let whatever this crisis is shake us to our core and worry ourselves sick? What would happen if we immediately took a minute to stop and pray to our Heavenly Father for help?


Being a disciple of Christ means that we are living out our daily lives with Him…not just experiencing his presence on Sunday mornings or in a small group. Discipleship is personal…it is real. I challenge you to be intentional about living daily with God…to take our cares and concerns, but also our victories, and be prayerful about them. Instead of facing our trials alone or approaching them like we do every other day…let’s face them as disciples of Christ. We can claim victory over these in the name of our Lord…so why aren’t we living as though we have already won the battle?!


Father, we ask that You help us walk more closely with You. Give us confidence during our trials Lord, knowing that You have already fought our battles and conquered them on our behalf. Remind us during times when we feel overwhelmed or even helpless, that You are always by our side. Help us to bring all of our burdens to Your feet Lord…knowing that You willingly carry these for us. We love You, Lord, and are so thankful for all that You have blessed us with…in Jesus’ name…Amen.