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Proverbs 14

Proverbs 14

Written by Shannon Chambers

In Proverbs 14, we are directed to follow God’s path and by doing so, we will be rewarded.   There will be consequences for not following the right path.

A wise woman builds and nurtures her home and family directing and loving them as God loves us.  A foolish woman can tear her home down with her own hands by not seeking God’s wisdom in directing her family towards the right path.

Foolish talk will only hurt us but words of wisdom will save us.   We are told not to boast or brag about our life.  

We are to live an honest life to be a witness to others.   We breathe false lies to others when we talk about following Jesus but don’t live our lives according to that.   We need to use the knowledge we learn from other Christians, ourchurch, small groups and reading the bible to direct us to seek God’s wisdom.  We should surround ourselves with other Christians to gain wisdom and knowledge from them so that we make the right decisions in our own life.

We are told that we must acknowledge our wrong doings and seek reconciliation with anyone that may have hurt us or whom we have hurt or have guilt towards.

We all know our own bitterness and when we hold on to it, that is what others will see in us rather than the joy we should portray….our joy for living life with God on our side and in our hearts. 

When we are covered by God’s grace, we can flourish in all areas of our life knowing that we are loved by God, saved by him and will someday join him in the heavens.  We all must choose the path we want to follow.  Choosing the wrong path, leads to death but choosing God’s path, leads to eternal life with him.

When we are given advice or hear things we are not sure of, we need to carefully consider it, verify it with God’s word.  Not everyone gives godly advice.  We have to be cautious and avoid danger so as to not be foolish in our decisions.  We should always seek God’s direction in all aspects of our life. 

We must help other in need to show them God’s love and to honor our father.

When we make the right decisions in our life and seek God’s wisdom in those decisions, we are told we will receive unfailing love and faithfulness.  

We have to work for the things we want in our life; mere talk leads to poverty.

We can save the lives of others by sharing God’s love for us and by bringing them to Christ, guaranteeing everlasting life.  When we are God fearing people, we are escaping the snares of death.  Jesus celebrates when his kingdom grows and when his servants are wise but he becomes angry when his servants disgrace him.

When we take care of ourselves spiritually, we are also taking care of ourselves mentally and physically: A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body.    We are guaranteed a safe refuge when we die by following Jesus daily.

I believe this chapter is giving us advice on how we should live our lives daily.  We really have no excuse for making bad decisions when God lays it out there so clearly for us but I guess that is also why he gave us free will to make our own decisions.  It is completely on us to stay on the path of Christ and we are told there will be great rewards for us when we do.  I’m very thankful that he is a forgiving God because we all make bad decisions and mistakes but his love for us never changes and never fails.  Thank you Jesus!!