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Proverbs 19

Proverbs 19

Written by Angi Elliot

NLT, The Message, Google, and my amazing husband and family where used in my study. 

I have found the more ways I read and speak God's word the more of an understanding I am able to receive. The more I dig into his word the more I am empowered in him and his work within me grows like a new flower sprouting in Spring.

Proverbs was clearly written by Solomon as God directed him to relay these words of wisdom to allow us to grow in "fear" aka respect of our Lord. Through this respect we gain the wisdom so desperately needed to walk in our Christian lives and grow in God.

Chapter 19:1 

Starts out by saying that those of use who are "poor and honest" are better than those of use who are dishonest and a fool.

If we replace the word fool with "in knowledge/wisdom" and dishonest with "wisdom" then this verse speaks a little clear to our hearts.

We often here fellow sister and brothers in Christ say to us that a person maybe rich in God's word and be so filled with the Holy Spirit that they waking In God's word fully and completely through every action they take. We should strive to continue our walk to allow ourselves to be filled with wisdom and honesty that when others look toward us they see Christ.

Then on the flip side to be dishonest and claim to be in wisdom only makes you out to be a fool.  We as Christians must always continue to be in wisdom and honest and live as much like Christ as we can. When we are dishonest we are a fool.

Let's skip ahead to verse 5-6:

Let's replace false witness with "a liar", escape with "go free", and ruler with "generous person"

God says a liar will not go unpunished and a liar will not go free. God plainly says through the bible that we will be punished for our sins. 

Many people will seek favors from a generous person. 

Verse 7

Again let's replace poor with "lost in wisdom" meaning not filled with God's word. Those who are not filled with wisdom will despise and avoid those who who are generous and filled with God's word. 

Again in Verse 9 let's replace false witness with "liar". God says they will NOT go unpunished. We must be filled in wisdom and respect our Lord.

In Verse 12 Solomon says that God's anger is like a lion but his favor or we could say forgiveness is like dew in grass. 

How amazing is this. God will ensure that we go through trials and tribulations, grow through our lack of wisdom, receive punishment for I'll behavior, BUT he will always offer us Grace and Favor he is an ever loving, gracious, and forgiving Lord!

Verse 15-23 

These 8 verse are packed full of wisdom of our Lord that we must listen to in our Christian Walk.

Verse 15:

We shall NEVER remain idle! We must always reach out to our Lord and dive into his word through reading, study, small group, church, serving, and prayer!

Verse 16:

We must always abide by the law / commandments to keep our eternal life our life with our Savior awaits us! 

Verse 17:

This verse speaks volumes to me! My heart lives on serving others! My gift is to serve others! I thank God daily for this amazing gift he bestowed on me! He always me to fellowship and serve with the least of these and I am ever grateful for this gift!

To restate this verse: we must always serve others with our treasures, resources, time, words, friendship, and god's word. By serving others we are serving God! There is nothing better than this!

Verse 18:

This verse starts by using the word discipline. Instead id discipline as we think of it with time outs, spanning, grounding, removing electronics etc this verse means to teach the way if the Lord to our children from the moment they are born show them how to live in Christ. 

Again this verse hits home. My family didn't not come to Christ until 2015! At this time we had a 13, 10, 8 year old. We are having to retrain our children to live through God's word . Even though we where a good family with food values we were NOT and family in Christ and there is a big difference. We are thankful daily for the Grace given to us.

Verses 19-23

Be sure to always live in the word any way we can on a daily basis from reading, serving, fellowship, small group, etc. 

Know that our Lord has your life already planned fear not my friend!

As you read Proverbs replace "fear" with respect! Respect of the Lord will lead your life! God is ALWAYS with you!

Finally lets jump ahead to Verse 27:

Replace knowledge with wisdom! And in a quick summary of this verse: always STAY in the Word! Christ is life, wisdom is freedom!

Let's Pray!

Lord thank you for this amazing opportunity to journey through Proverbs with our church and to watch this study fill social media and invoke thoughts, conversations, and actions of those who are filled with your wisdom and those who are lost to your wisdom. Lord, be with those who need to be filled with the Holy Spirit as they finish this journey. Lord thank you for all wisdom you continually place before us guide us as we some times fail, be with us as we strive to be filled with wisdom and respect of you!

In Jesus Name We Pray-