The redemptive story of Jesus is the greatest story worth telling. Let's tell it together!


Graphic Design - We live in a visual culture. Everyday we interact with logos, graphics, and advertisements. At SCC we create graphics for each Sermon series, conferences and events, and social media. We also need designers for student ministry and children's ministry.


Web Design - Our website is one of the most powerful tools we have to communicate with our church and our community. Our website is the front door for people interested in attending our church. 90% of people will check us out online before ever stepping foot in the building. An outdated website can be a major turn off to visitors and not helpful for people looking for information. 


Social Media - 68% of Americans use Facebook, 28% use Instagram, and 20% use Twitter. We have more avenues of communication than ever before. A pastor can preach a sermon to a room full of people. Because of social media we can share with the world. If you love using and communicating via social platforms, SCC would love to have your help.


Filmmaking - Everyday, lives are affected by the Gospel. At Shelbyville Community Church we love a good story and believe that sharing those stories can change lives. Filmmakers setup gear, establish shots, shoot video, perform interviews, and interact with the subjects. Filmmakers are the ones with “boots on the ground" recording all of the footage needed to tell the story.


Video Editor - Editors craft the stories we tell. The interview, b-roll, audio, soundtrack, and effects all come together to tell each story.


Photographers - There is something magical about freezing a moment in history. A single image tells a powerful story. We need photographers to capture moments at special events, Sunday services, and on mission trips.


Writers - Telling stories through written word has happened for thousands of years. We’ve got a lot of possibilities for writing at SCC. We’d love to have writers record the history of SCC, perform interviews, write informational blogs, devotionals, and stories. If you love a good story and love to write we’d love to work with you.


Editors - If you love to read and spelling, grammar, and punctuation are your thing, we need you!


Networking - The church has an internal network that connects computers, printers, storage devices, and access points. The network also offers a wireless internet connection. We’d love to have people that enjoy troubleshooting and configuring networking equipment.


IT Help - Technology is a part of everyday life. When computers and mobile devices quit working it can be frustrating. We’re looking for people that love to troubleshoot and repair problems.


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