We are going to talk about a desert, a people, their God, and their journey. It is a journey full of loneliness, difficulty, pain, uncertainty, and doubt. It's also full of beauty, power, and hope, like all difficult times are. The word that we've come to use to describe their story is Exodus. But what does that even mean?

It comes from two words: "ex" which means "out", and "hodos" which means "way". At it's core, Exodus is: The Way Out.

Is there something for us in this Exodus? Might there be a way out? It won't come quickly, they seldom do. But yes, there is a way out in the Exodus.  

Exodus - Organized Religion

Pastor Brad Davis - June 9, 2019

There is a huge backlash against what is sometimes called “Organized Religion” in our culture. The tone is along these lines: “I don’t trust institutional religion. It gets in the way of true spirituality, which is better practiced at a lake or in the forest.” But what if this simply isn’t true? What do the early followers of Jesus say about the matter? What principles can we draw from the Old Testament that might help?

Exodus - The Power to Persevere

Pastor Brad Davis - June 2, 2019

The Christian life is often compared to a race, with an emphasis on the importance of finishing. Anyone can start a race, but not everyone will finish. Finishing well is what counts. Join us this weekend as we encourage you to keep running with your eyes fixed on our Jesus.

Exodus - Drawn In

Pastor Mike Farnsley - May 26, 2019

Sometimes God says move. Sometimes God says wait. And sometimes it seems like He’s not really saying anything at all. When we’re following Jesus, discerning God’s voice week by week, day by day, moment by moment is what we do. It’s a challenge… a discipline… a blessing… and also really hard. Join us this week as we wrap up the book of Exodus & look at how Moses & the Israelites followed God as He led them via a pillar of cloud & a pillar of fire.

Exodus - Reclaimed

Pastor Brad Davis - May 19, 2019

Reclaimed furniture is all the rage today. Whether it's a vintage piece scooped up at an antique shop or a feature wall made of reclaimed wood, people are repurposing old materials in some amazing ways. Our God is into reclamation too. He takes people without purpose, without a place to belong, or who are broken and repurposes them into His household to bring new beauty to our world.

Exodus - the Bible Applied

Pastor Brad Davis - May 12, 2019

Rachel Held Evans passed away last week. Most known for her NY Times bestseller "A Year of Biblical Womanhood" , Rachel spent a year living out the commandments of the New and Old Testament Commandments directed towards women. Rachel did all this tongue-in-cheek of course, but it does demonstrate how important it is to correctly interpret and apply the Scripture to our lives.

Exodus - Generosity

Pastor Mike Farnsley - May 5, 2019

Due to Technical Difficulties there is no recording this week.

Exodus - Worship

Pastor Brandon Rood and Pastor Brad Davis - April 28, 2019

Many people believe that worship just happens when we get caught up in a moment. They think that worship is a spontaneous thing that just sneaks up on us because of the power of a song, the gifting of the worship leader, or the insight of the lyrics. This thinking is wrong. The best worshippers are prepared worshippers. They worship well because they prepare for worship. Worship never happens when people just go through the motions on autopilot.

Easter Celebration

Pastor Brad Davis - April 20 & 21, 2019

When Moses returned with the 10 commandments, he found the people of Israel had created a golden calf to worship. This broke the first commandment God gave them. Moses tells the people he is going to go to God on their behalf. This story points us directly to Jesus and the cross. Jesus is the only true mediator between God and man. He died, was buried, and rose from the dead.

Exodus - Idol Talk

Pastor Brad Davis - April 14, 2019

We are a worshipping people, and we can’t help but worship something. In the ancient world, these rival gods or ambitions were called idols. People would make sacrifices to these idols in the name of security and prosperity in the same way that we make sacrifices to our idols today.

Exodus - Rested

Pastor Brad Davis - April 7, 2019

In Exodus we see God command the Israelites to take Sabbath rest or they would die. This sounds a little extreme, doesn't it? Today many people are convinced that entering into this rest means taking a day off every week, but does that mean there is no rest available the other 6 days? What if this rest was available to us at any moment and every day?

Exodus - The Presence and Power of God

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - March 31, 2019

When you decide to shine a light on politics, power, social influence, or traditional values, it's not enough to bring hope and help to those on the farthest fringe. But when we choose to illuminate Jesus, and Him alone, beautiful stories of sustainable life change become real.

Exodus - The Presence and Power of God

Pastor Mike Farnsley - March 24, 2019

It’s hard to imagine talking to God face to face. What if our inability to get to go be with him didn’t stop him from coming to be with us? What if God has made a habit of finding ways to be present with his people for thousands of years? And what if God wanted so badly to be present with us that he was willing to come down to earth to live… inside of a box… inside of a tent?

Exodus - The Law of Love

Pastor Brad Davis - March 17, 2019

The old covenant required people to follow over 600 laws. The book of Hebrews calls the old covenant obsolete because Jesus fulfilled the old covenant. Jesus calls new covenant people to obey the law of love. This law is also referred to as the royal law. Love God and love one another.

Exodus - The Ten

Pastor Brad Davis - March 10, 2019

The Ten Commandments form the basis of the entire Old Covenant. They are beautiful, reflecting the character and nature of God, especially when viewed through the lens of 400 years of slavery in Egypt. Because the Old Covenant was a National Covenant, the 10 commandments functioned a lot like our own Constitution.

Exodus - Old and New

Pastor Craig Olson - March 3, 2019

3 months after leaving Egypt, the Israelites have arrived at Mount Sinai. It's in this place that God enters into a covenant with Israel. After 400 years as slaves, Israel is about to spend 40 years in the wilderness as they learn how to be a holy nation and a kingdom of priests.

Exodus - The Art of War

Pastor Brad Davis - February 24, 2019

The desert is that place where we must learn to face our enemies. In Exodus 17, as the Israelites are being led through the desert, they are attacked by an enemy who would seek their destruction for generations.

Baptism Message

Pastor Jessica Seelye - February 17, 2019

Baptism is a picture of a new life! We’re used to thinking that baptism day is about us or the other people who made their declaration of faith alongside of us, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Baptism is a celebration and picture of Christ’s loving work of salvation on the cross. It points us to His grace and power in our lives. 

From Sweet to Bitter

Pastor Brad Davis - February 10, 2019

After being delivered from the Egyptian Army at the Red Sea, the Israelites find themselves in an uncomfortable spot. The lack of water and food moves them from excitement to complaint. Complaint always leads us away from gratitude. It is contagious, toxic, and a thief, robbing our lives of joy and perspective. No wonder the writers of the New Testament warn us so often about the danger of complaint!

God Makes A Way

Pastor Craig Olson - February 3, 2019

After 400 years of slavery, the Israelites are finally leaving Egypt. They marched triumphantly out of town only to find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. As the Egyptian Army pursues the Israelites, they turn on Moses and question his leadership. But God had clearly placed them in this place, Hemmed in by mountains on either side and the sea in front of them. God put them in this spot to demonstrate His mighty power to save in response to a step of faith.


Pastor Brad Davis - January 27, 2019

When we make a purchase, there is almost always a reason why. We buy cars because we need transportation and groceries because we need food. God has purchased you for a reason as well. The question is, “Are you living as if you are God’s property? Are you letting Him lead your life?” If not, you’re missing the whole reason for Jesus.

The Passover

Pastor Brad Davis - January 20, 2019

The last plague is different from the rest. It required the Hebrew people to paint their doorframe with the blood of a young lamb. This act became known as the passover and has been celebrated for thousands of years. The passover is foreshadowing to something much much bigger.

The Plagues and God

Pastor Brad Davis - January 13, 2019

In Exodus 5, Pharaoh asks a question that has become one of the great questions of our day. He asks "Who is the Lord that I should obey Him?" God answers Pharaoh in the only language he understands, violence and power. Each Plague is an attack on an Egyptian god displaying Yahweh's glory and superiority.

Watch Your Worship

Pastor Brad Davis - January 6, 2019

In Exodus 5, Pharaoh asks a question that has become one of the great questions of our day. He asks “Who is the Lord that I should obey Him?” God responds with the 10 plagues. Each Plague is an attack on an Egyptian god and a particular type of worship. While we don't worship the gods of Egypt we do tend to fall into worshiping the same ideas.


Pastor Brad Davis - December 2, 2018

What is obsolete always gets the boot. When something “new” comes along, we generally get rid of the old. So how does that apply to the Old Testament, and, more specifically, to the Old Covenant given through Moses in the book of Exodus?

Signs and Wonders

Pastor Craig Olson, November 25, 2018

"Then the Lord said to Moses..." What does God require of Moses with regard to his Word? God requires Moses to be faithful to his Word. Through the first six chapters, Moses has been getting lesson after lesson about obedience. In chapter seven we finally see Moses follow through with what God asks of him.


Genealogy, Ancestry

Pastor Brad Davis - November 18, 2018

Many of us have never moved past our past because of strongholds from our present. A stronghold is a powerful agreement that we enter into with the accuser that keeps us in bondage and oppression. These agreements are so subtle we are often unaware of how powerfully they enslave us. Often, these strongholds are generational, being passed down from one generation to the next.



Pastor Brad Davis - November 11, 2018

The journey toward freedom is usually full of opposition. In other words, things sometimes get worse before they get better. Moses met God at the burning bush. He knows exactly what to do, but things don't quite go the way they should.


Pastor Brad Davis - November 4, 2018

Sometimes God uses signs & wonders to accomplish His purposes. They aren’t parlor tricks or magic shows, usually coming in the context of simple trust & obedience. In Exodus 4, God gives Moses 3 signs aimed at showing God’s power over the mightiest nation on earth: Egypt.


Identity Theft

Pastor Brad Davis - October 28, 2018

We live in a day & age where people believe we have the right to define God. We want to make God in our own image. We want to believe that we get to define God’s character. We tend to twist God’s identity into something that we can bend to our image. This is the ultimate in identity theft! But we’re meant to find our identities through His identity. We weren’t intended to live with the pressure of impression management!


God Hears and God Remembers

Pastor Craig Olson - October 21, 2018

People hurt. It's the reality that we live in. And in the first two chapters of Exodus we see the Israelites groaning and calling out for help because of their circumstances. A lot has happened in the first two chapters of Exodus, but there is something missing. Up until this point we don't hear about God or hear from God. But in the last three verses of chapter two the story takes a shift as we see that God hears and God remembers.


In Charge

Pastor Mike Farnsley - October 14, 2018

Anger is a universal struggle.  Whether you have a temper yourself or have simply been on the receiving end of another person’s tirade, you’ve seen firsthand the hurt that can be caused when someone loses their cool.  This week, we’ll see Moses unleash his anger and end up paying for it by having to run for his life.


God DELIVERS Us to Dwell with Us

Pastor Brad Davis - October 7, 2018

In the book of Exodus, Moses is adopted into the household of Pharaoh despite overwhelming odds.  He goes from being an enemy of Pharaoh and certain death to enjoying all of the privileges of Pharaoh’s household because of the grace of God and the compassion of Pharaoh’s daughter.


All Things New Baptism Celebration

Pastor Mike Farnsley - September 30, 2018

Pastor Mike shares some of his story and the role that faith has played in his life.


Exodus - Drawn to Weakness

Pastor Brad Davis - September 23, 2018

Our God is attracted to weakness, is drawn to brokenness, and opposed to pride. The opening chapter reveals the Hebrew people in a weak and broken state and God hearing their call in slavery. God draws near in our weakness.



Pastor Brad Davis - September 16, 2018

In the book of Exodus we learn two things. God is working a good plan whose aim is blessing, and that plan will not work out the way the people of God think it should. How do we reconcile a world where we can be blessed by God and still have to live with darkness? It was at the cross that blessings and darkness collide.


Exodus - This Is Us

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - September 9, 2018

It’s easy to read the Bible and see a bunch of characters and stories and not see their connection to each other. The reality is that the Bible is the story of God and his interaction with his creations. As we dig into the book of Exodus we must keep in mind that this is a part of a much larger story.


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