We are going to talk about a desert, a people, their God, and their journey. It is a journey full of loneliness, difficulty, pain, uncertainty, and doubt. It's also full of beauty, power, and hope, like all difficult times are. The word that we've come to use to describe their story is Exodus. But what does that even mean?

It comes from two words: "ex" which means "out", and "hodos" which means "way". At it's core, Exodus is: The Way Out.

Is there something for us in this Exodus? Might there be a way out? It won't come quickly, they seldom do. But yes, there is a way out in the Exodus.  


Pastor Brad Davis - September 16, 2018

In the book of Exodus we learn two things. God is working a good plan whose aim is blessing, and that plan will not work out the way the people of God think it should. How do we reconcile a world where we can be blessed by God and still have to live with darkness? It was at the cross that blessings and darkness collide.


Exodus - This Is Us

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - September 9, 2018

It’s easy to read the Bible and see a bunch of characters and stories and not see their connection to each other. The reality is that the Bible is the story of God and his interaction with his creations. As we dig into the book of Exodus we must keep in mind that this is a part of a much larger story.


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