Wisdom is something we all need, but for most of us are fine with knowledge.  Today we have the world at our fingertips thanks to smartphones and the internet. If we want to know something we "ask siri" or say "OK Google." What we see in scripture is that wisdom is far superior to knowledge because wisdom is knowing what to do with knowledge.  We'll be looking at the concept of wisdom, different types of wisdom, and the originator of wisdom during this series.

Wisdom and Money

Pastor Brad Davis - 05/1/2016

Pastor Brad looks through Proverbs and talks about wisdom and money. The 80-10-10 principle was discussed. Give 10%, save 10%, and live on 80%.

Why is the Gospel Good News?

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 04/24/2016

This Sunday was baptism Sunday at SCC. We love baptism Sundays! As people get dunked we cheer and celebrate, but why? Pastor Jason walks through why the Gospel is good news.

(There is no sermon video this week)

Wisdom and Marriage

Pastor Brad Davis - 04/17/2016

Pastor Brad and his wife Jackie talk through wisdom found in the book of Proverbs pertaining to marriage. When you get married you'll have to shovel a lot of pooh (Pr. 14:4) and it isn't necessarily your own - meaning you'll have to deal with your husband or wives junk. We've all got junk and instead of leaving them because of it we need to learn how to work through it.

Wisdom and Children

Paster Brad Davis - 04/10/2016

Few of us feel qualified as Parents. Pastor Brad and his wife Jackie will explore with us how wisdom changes the way we raise children.


Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 04/3/2016

All of us have jobs.  We spend so much time on our jobs that they become part of the background to our days. What if our jobs aren't just a place we landed in? What if they aren't a random spot we spend hours and hours a day? Could it be there is a bigger purpose for us having the jobs we do?

Wisdom and Time

Pastor Brad Davis - 03/20/2016

Pastor Brad talks about wisdom and time. The Bible teaches that wise people recognize how incredibly precious and amazingly short life is. Because they see time as a gift from God, they measure time, they invest time, they count each moment as precious. Finally, wise people understand the brevity of this life in light of eternity.

Wisdom and Words

Pastor Brad Davis - 3/13/2016

Words have the power to pierce like a sword and give life to those who hurt. We learned that there are three kinds of words: Truthful and honest words, kind and gentle words, and personalized words.

Wisdom and Anger

Pastor Brad Davis - 3/6/2016

Pastor Brad looks at the topic of anger and how it relates to wisdom. We learned that how we express our anger is learned, which means we can relearn how to express it. We need to admit it, tame it, and offer it to Jesus to transform it.

How to Get Wisdom

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 2/28/2016

Pastor Jason talks through how to get wisdom. We see that gaining wisdom doesn't come with age, but with obedience. Wisdom works when you act on it.

Two Kinds of Wisdom

Pastor Brad Davis - 2/21/16

Pastor Brad looks at the two kinds of wisdom - Worldly wisdom and Godly wisdom. We see in Proverbs 11:2 that those forms of wisdom are driven by pride and humility.

Getting Wiser

Pastor Brad Davis - 2/14/16

We kicked off week one of Extra Ordinary. We looked at the basis of wisdom. Wisdom is more than a principle. It's a person and his name is Jesus.


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