It's easy to talk about who Jesus is. It may even be easy to spout off facts about Jesus or scriptures about Jesus. But do you follow Jesus or are you just a fan of Jesus. This series is aimed at differentiating the two and challenging all of us to become devoted disciples that follow Him.

A Follower and His Stuff

Pastor Brad Davis - 9/24/2017

Fans look at their stuff and say, "I’m the owner of my stuff because I’m the provider of my stuff.” But a follower says, “All my stuff, it belongs to God. It’s only on loan to me. I don’t get to keep any of it.” Stewardship is the reality. Ownership is the myth. 

The Secret of a Disciple

Pastor Brad Davis - 9/17/2017

When it comes to the Christian life, we are meant to walk, not crawl. In fact, you can’t follow Jesus by crawling. If you want to follow Jesus, you have to walk! This week we have a conversation about the great secret of walking that is central to the Christian Life.

The Focus of Discipleship

Pastor Brad Davis - 9/10/2017

We live in a world obsessed with finding love. When the Bible talks about love, it does so from a completely different perspective. It speaks of love, not as an emotion, but as a choice or a decision.

What is a Disciple?

Pastor Brad Davis - 9/3/2017

What is a disciple? This week we answer that question by looking at Matthew 4:19. "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men."

All Things New - Baptism Message

Elder Jim Johnson - 9/3/2017

Baptism is a picture of a new life! This weekend we have the amazing opportunity to celebrate what God is doing here at SCC through the ancient practice of baptism. We also have a special message from our Elder Jim Johnson.

What's the difference?

Pastor Brad Davis - 8/20/2017

Are you a fan or follower of Jesus? Could you identify the difference between the two?


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