Are both your 9 am and 11 am services on Sunday the same?

Yes. Both services have the same music, arts, and sermon. We try to duplicate the service so that everyone in our church experiences the same thing regardless of when they attend.

What do children do on Sunday mornings?

We offer children’s classes for birth through 5th grade during both services. The classes always study a lesson based on the Bible, which is focused on their particular age group. We also offer discussion questions for parents to talk about at home with their kids through the week based on that day’s lesson.

Do you offer Sunday school classes for adults?

We don’t offer regular classes on Sunday mornings for adults. From time to time, we have classes such as Starting Point (for anyone new to the church), baptism, and Next Steps classes. We do, however, encourage everyone to join small groups that meet throughout the week in homes and at the church. A group may be chosen based on the different studies being offered and the person's current interest/need at the time. The groups generally last 12 weeks, and then a new group with a different study may be chosen. Click here for more information about small groups.

Do you preach / teach from the Bible?

One of our foundational beliefs is that people are changed by hearing God speak to them through the Bible. Every lesson is based on and around the Bible, whether it’s the children’s, youth, or adult lessons. We also work hard to provide resources for people to read the Bible on their own throughout the week.

How should I dress for church?

Honestly, however you want. We don’t have a dress code other than what is considered decent for being in public. (No Speedos, please). We don’t require people to dress up or dress down. Clothing is required, just not a certain style.

Is your church easily accessible?

Yes. We have designed our church to be accessible to people of all abilities. The parking lot is paved and level, the entire building is on the ground level, and all of the rooms are ADA accessible. If you have questions or concerns in this area, we are more than happy to give any needed details to make your time at SCC as convenient as possible.

hearing impaired services

In order to fulfill the mission of Shelbyville Community Church, we follow Jesus by tending to the needs of many in our congregation who are hearing impaired, providing them an opportunity to fully engage in the weekend service. During the first service only, at the time our pastor begins to speak, the message is being transcribed in real time and then sent back to us in written format. This can be viewed on any electronic device such as a tablet or smart phone. Many of you already use such devices during the service, when using the You Version Bible App. If you do not bring electronic devices with you, one can be provided. If you have any questions, or need additional information, volunteers at the Connection Desk will be happy to assist you.

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