The show Fixer Upper has become a household staple in many homes. The popular tv show gets it's title from the process of taking a house that has a lot of work to do and turning it into someone's dream home. The truth is that as followers of Jesus we're all fixer uppers. We're all in need of a renovation that only Jesus can do. And the good news is that he's in the restoration business. 

The Follow Up

Pastor Brad Davis - 12/3/2017

At the end of every episode of Fixer Upper there is a short follow up. We get to see how the clients are enjoying their new home. Like the follow up from the show there should be a follow up in the life of the Christian. What Jesus is doing in your life is never supposed to be hidden.

The Reveal

Pastor Brad Davis - 11/26/2018

One of the best moments from each episode of “Fixer Upper” is the reveal. For Christians, there is a reveal. According to Paul, our faith was never meant to be a private matter, but it’s something that we are to take public. 

The New Addition

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 11/19/2018

As a parent, you often feel like your goal is to "hit the target." The reality is that the goal isn't the target, but the action of launching your children forward. What if the most important investment you ever make comes with a return you may never see?

The Conflict

Pastor Brad Davis - 11/12/2017

When watching the show Fixer Upper it's clear that Chip and Jo have a lot of fun together, but more importantly, they genuinely seem to love and respect one another. This week we talk about how to avoid the crazy cycle of conflict and get on the energizing cycle of learning how to show one another love and respect.

The Worksite

Pastor Brad Davis - 11/05/2017

When it comes to the workplace, the statistics aren’t very pretty. The good news is that no matter where you work, you can increase your job satisfaction through some very simple mindset changes that flow right out of your relationship with Jesus. Why not go to your old job this next week with a new vision and attitude?

All Thing New - Baptism Message

Pastor Jessica Seelye - 10/29/2017

walks thought the truth that we are not built to fix our own sin and brokenness. In fact we can't and that is why we are all in need of Jesus.

The Design

Pastor Brad Davis - 10/22/2017

Colossians reminds us that because of Jesus, we are not who we used to be! Because we have been chosen and purchased by His blood, we are a new creation, filled with new potential in all of our relationships.

Demo Day

Pastor Craig Olson - 10/15/2017

Like any home renovation there comes a time in our lives when demo is necessary. This week we dig into Colossians 3 together and talk about what it means to remove the things that are keeping us from looking more and more like Jesus in our own fixer upper process.

The Selection

Pastor Brad Davis - 10/8/2017

In the book of Colossians, Jesus is regarded as the architect and blueprint of our faith. If we are fixer uppers (and we clearly are), we are meant to be built by Jesus alone. We cannot incorporate blueprints from other sources like philosophy or religion and add them to our Jesus. He must stand alone.

The Inspection

Pastor Craig Olson - 10/1/2017

An inspection is one of the major steps in buying a house. Inspections can make or break a home purchase. It's also critical for followers of Jesus to regularly inspect what is truly at the center of their lives. We must continually ask "Have I put my hope solely in Jesus?"


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