The show Fixer Upper has become a household staple in many homes. The popular tv show gets it's title from the process of taking a house that has a lot of work to do and turning it into someone's dream home. The truth is that as followers of Jesus we're all fixer uppers. We're all in need of a renovation that only Jesus can do. And the good news is that he's in the restoration business. 

Demo Day

Pastor Craig Olson - 10/15/2017

Like any home renovation there comes a time in our lives when demo is necessary. This week we dig into Colossians 3 together and talk about what it means to remove the things that are keeping us from looking more and more like Jesus in our own fixer upper process.

The Selection

Pastor Brad Davis - 10/8/2017

In the book of Colossians, Jesus is regarded as the architect and blueprint of our faith. If we are fixer uppers (and we clearly are), we are meant to be built by Jesus alone. We cannot incorporate blueprints from other sources like philosophy or religion and add them to our Jesus. He must stand alone.

The Inspection

Pastor Craig Olson - 10/1/2017

An inspection is one of the major steps in buying a house. Inspections can make or break a home purchase. It's also critical for followers of Jesus to regularly inspect what is truly at the center of their lives. We must continually ask "Have I put my hope solely in Jesus?"


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