What does the word "home" mean to you? Is it the house you grew up in? Is it city or state you grew up in? For some home brings back good memories and for others the idea of home hurts. Some don't feel like they have a home. For others home means family and that may mean conflict. The holidays are full of feelings. Some are good and others... not so much.  This series is all about what it truly means to be home for Christmas.

The Reality of Home

Pastor Brad Davis - 12/24/16

Home sometimes hurt. Instead of being a place of safety and comfort, it can be a place of pain and disappointment. Home can be messy.

The People of Home

Pastor Brad Davis - 12/18/16

At Christmas time we go home to all kinds of people. What kind of people will sit around your dinner table this year? What gifts do they most need?

The Call Home

Pastor Brad Davis - 12/11/16

Jesus has come this Christmas to make his home in you! He is Emmanuel (God with us). He doesn’t make his home in you because you deserved or earned it, but because He loves you!