The Hospitality Team works to create a safe, warm, and loving environment for people whether it's on Sunday Mornings or due to unfortunate circumstances.


First Impressions (Greeting) – Making people feel welcome is an important value here at SCC. If you enjoy meeting new people, having conversations, and making people feel welcome this is the perfect team for you. Each Sunday before and after services the greeting team welcomes people, helps people find their way around, and wishes everyone a great week before they leave. Our goal is for families to feel comfortable as soon as they come into the doors so they can hear what God instore for them during service. 


Coffee Bar – Do you love coffee and talking to people? This is a great team to get involved if that’s the case. The coffee team prepares and serves coffee on Sunday mornings before service so our families have something warm to drink. The coffee bar area also provides a great place for conversations to happen, and for people to catch up before service starts. 


Funeral Dinners – Do you have a heart for the hurting? The funeral team helps organize, prepare, and serve families after a funeral has taken place. This team helps set a place for people to grieve, share memories, and love each other through a tough time through a meal. You can help prepare food, set up, serve, or clean up.


Care Team – The care team at SCC is for people wanting to love on those that are in need outside of Sunday mornings. The care team provides different kinds of needs to those that are hurting within our church and community. This could be through providing meals, visiting, prayer, and more.


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