In KidZone, we want to help our families develop an authentic faith in Jesus, and to experience and discover the wonder of their creator.


Worship Team – We can worship God at any age, and helping kids prepare their hearts for the main message is super important on Sunday mornings. If you have a love for music, a heart for kids, and a heart for worship this is a great place for you to use your gifts and talents.


Large Group Leaders – Have a blast directing our kids through their game/activity to start the morning off right, and then lead them through the main idea for the day before the go to their small groups. If you are fun, energetic, and love to story-tell you will have a blast serving as a large group leader in KidZone.


Small Group Leaders – We believe children learn an authentic faith best in small groups. Small group leaders take the main point from large group time, and break it down for their few. Small group leading is such an important part in KidZone. You are helping these kids grow deeper in their faith, and showing you care and love. By doing these things, it shows how much God loves us! 


Nursery Volunteer – Making sure our little ones are loved and cared for during service is so important. Join our team to love, hold, and care for the littlest of our church members on Sunday mornings.


Toddler Volunteer – Our 1’s and 2’s are starting to walk, talk, and get into everything! They need loving volunteers that want to sing, dance, and read them Bible stories on Sunday mornings. Loving our toddlers opens up the door for them to get a first-hand glance at who their heavenly father is. 


Registration – Making our families feel welcome is super important! At the registration desk, this is the first stop for our families at SCC, and our goal is to make sure they get exactly where they need to go on Sunday mornings. 


Environmental Design – Environments play a huge part in a child’s learning experience, and we want to make sure ours is at it’s prime for kids to experience God when they are here. Do you have an artistic side, love to make things, draw, or even design? We need your talent to impact our spaces in KidZone


Stage Design – Our theme changes each month, and we need people that love design to come up with portable stage designs each month. Help us make the learning environment even better by bringing in great ideas, and implementing them. 


Event Coordinating – Family Experiences are a way for our families to worship together in KidZone. If you love seeing families worship together, and love coming up with ways for families to have fun, this is a great team for you to be involved in! 


KidZone Tech Team – Lights, camera, action! Come partner with the Tech Team at SCC to help us run our amazing events using lighting and sound to create an experience our kids won’t forget! 


Event Coordinating – Does checklists, parties, and invitations get you excited? We need your help in planning our Family Fun Nights, our Family Experiences, BabyD, and more! Events are a bridge for our church and community to getting more involved in our church community.


ROOTS – ROOTS is a midweek program designed for 1st-5th graders to grow deeper in their faith. We meet on Tuesday nights from 6:30PM-8:00PM. We have open gym time where you play with the kids for the opening session, and then we dive into our small groups. In small group time, volunteers help the kids work through the questions to apply concepts to their everyday life.


MoM’s Group – Mentoring and Mothering is a group of moms that love, support, and encourage one another as they move through each of their child’s phases. We need mom’s that want to come alongside other moms to help provide support and mentorship, and to help new mom’s get adjusted to motherhood. 


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