It would be foolish to wrap a gift without putting a label on it.  Imagine the chaos of opening presents in a large family without knowing the intended recipients. Labels are necessary. They help us make sense, not just of Christmas, but of life. But sometimes labels hold us back. Some of us struggle in the present because of negative labels from the past.  Words like “stupid” or “worthless” have shaped our identities and fueled our insecurities, keeping us from the life that God intends.  But what if we have the power to change our labels?  What if God has taken away our negative labels to replace them with new and better ones?

Labeled - The Prostitute

Pastor Brad Davis - 12/31/2017

The geneology of Matthew 1 occurs in the chapter right before the events of the Christmas story. It’s the family tree of Jesus, linking him to both King David and Abraham. But this isn’t any normal family tree. Matthew seems to go out of his way to include some people who have been given some pretty shady labels. Why? Maybe its because they aren’t just PART of the story of Jesus, but their sin is the POINT of the story of Jesus!


Labeled - The Rejected

Pastor Brad Davis - 12/24/2017

Many of us are familiar with the WHAT of the Christmas story. We could tell you a little about the events that happened and some of the characters involved. But often we forget to focus on something far more important. WHY did Christmas have to happen? When you understand the exchange Jesus made with you to bring you to God, you’ll want to love Him more!


Labeled - The Deceiver

Pastor Brad Davis - 12/17/2017

One of the first times we hear about Jacob, he was deceiving his father. He could have lived as a deceiver and a cheat, or even succumbed to sorrow, but because of God’s grace His life will instead point to a God that always prevails.


Labeled - Disgraced

Pastor Brad Davis - 12/10/17

We kicked off the Labeled series by looking at the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth. They were very devoted to God and still discontent with God. Many of us are sitting in seasons of discontent and while we don't get to choose the seasons we're in we do get to choose what we label them.



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