Love God

The greatest commandment that Jesus taught was that we are to love God. Simply put, that is the very reason why we gather every week. He is the reason why we find our fulfillment. Therefore, loving God should be a natural, everyday expression of how we feel toward Him. However, that isn’t always the case, is it? We get busy, tired, overwhelmed, and many times, God takes a back seat. At SCC, we are so adamant about this first love, that we totally designate Sunday mornings as our time to simply love God. We worship Him together and we are encouraged by His Word together. By doing these things, coupled with living the way He wants us to live, we are truly loving God.

Love One Another

Sometimes it is hard to connect to our world, to our friends, even to our families. However, God calls us to love each other. The way we accomplish that at SCC is to get involved in a semester group. SCC’s semester groups allow us to have that time to truly engage each other in God’s Word, which in turn, allows us to grow together instead of in solitude.

Serve the World

Jesus’ last command to His disciples was to go into the world and make disciples. That command wasn’t just for the small group of people who heard Him over 2000 years ago. It is for us as well. At SCC, we are passionate about not only serving those who come to SCC, but we are as equally passionate about reaching our community, the surrounding areas, and our global community. We accomplish this through area ministries like our JC Needs Pantry, Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry, as well as supporting local and international missionaries.