We've been called to serve. Far too many of us let our fear cripple the work Jesus is calling us to. Like Peter we need to get out of the boat and trust that what He's calling us to is greater than our fears.  Jesus is calling us to serve with our time, talents, and treasures.

Own It: With Your Treasures

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 5/29/16

Pastor Jason wraps up the Own it series by talking through generosity with our treasures. God loves us so he gives us treasures. God loves others so he calls us to give of our treasures. But often times we fall in love with our treasures instead of the giver of the treasures.

Own It: With Your Talents

Pastor Tele Moraes - 5/22/2016

Guest speaker Tele Moraes teaches on the story of the talents found in Matthew 25. We see that you can live your life in three ways. You can waste it, you can spend it, or you can invest it. We've all been given gifts and abilities to use for ministry. Are you burying them?

Own It: With Your Time

Pastor Brad Davis - 5/15/16

Pastor Brad looks at using your time to serve. If we truly believe in eternity we need to live like eternity matters. Are you making retirement decisions, or eternal decisions?

Own it: Improving Your Serve

Pastor Brad Davis - 5/8/16

We kicked off a new series called Own It. The entire series is about serving how we need to get involved. Pastor Brad looks at the story of Jesus walking on water and how He called Peter out of the boat. We all have fears that are keeping us from doing what Jesus has called us to. We can't be slaves to our fear.