It's a new year! Some of us enjoy setting new years resolutions and sticking to them. Others find no point in even trying. In this series we'll be looking at the parable of the unbarren fig tree found in Luke chapter 13.

A man goes to his fig tree for 3 years and finds no fruit. When he tells the gardener to cut down the tree the gardener asked for one more year. He planned on fertilising it, pruning it, and nurishing it so that it would bare fruit.

This story is about more than just a tree. This story is about us. This story is about Jesus. He is the gardener nursing us and pruning us. Each week we'll be talking about ways Jesus wants to do this in our lives.


Pastor Brad Davis - 1/25/2015

Pastor Brad looks at another way for us to grow in our relationship with God. God uses other people to push us and stretch us. Community is essential for our spiritual growth.


Pastor Brad Davis, Pastor Brandon Rood, & Hannah Knowland - 1/18/2015

We all worship. Worship isn't something we need to learn it's something we need to focus. This week Pastor Brad, Pastor Brandon, and Hannah Knowland teach about worship, why we should do it, and how to focus our worship on Jesus.

God's Word

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 1/11/2015

Pastor Jason talks about getting into God's word and how vital it is to our spiritual growth.


Pastor Brad Davis - 1/4/2015

Pastor Brad looks at the parable of the unproductive fig tree found in Luke 13. Once we accept Christ He starts digging around in our lives changing us from the inside out.


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