It's pretty easy to read through the New Testament of the Bible (the second half) and think the people you're reading about are fictional characters. The reality though is that those are real people with real stories. This series is dedicated to taking a look at various "new testament characters" and learning how their interactions with Jesus affect our lives.


7/10/2016 - Pastor Brad Davis

Pastor Brad finishes our Real People Real Stories series looking at Paul. Outside of Jesus we hear more about it and from him in the New Testament. We also hear the word grace over and over again by Paul. Pastor Brad looked at the grace Paul received and the way it completely transformed him.


7/3/2016 - Pastor Craig Olson

We have all had to walk through dark times. Some of us are currently walking through some of our darkest and most painful days. Maybe you’ve just received a diagnosis that doesn’t look good. Maybe a loved one has recently passed away. For some of us a spouse continues to hurt us through their actions.

Pontius Pilate

6/26/2016 - Pastor Jason Chenoweth

We all have those stories of the famous, and kind of famous, people we’ve met. Those minutes, however brief, when we find ourselves face to face with someone we think of as a “them” to our “us”. We think about them long after they happen, tell stories about them, use them to intro sermons, you know, the usual stuff. This week we’re going to take a look at the biggest celebrity bump that ever happened.

Mary Magdalene

6/19/2016 - Pastor Brandon Rood

Have you ever felt completely out of control in your life? No matter how hard you try it seems that your thoughts, actions, past, and present continue to take you captive and don’t allow you to live in freedom and joy? That is exactly how Mary Magdalene felt before she met Jesus.

A Demon Possessed Man

6/12/16 - Pastor TJ Knowland

Pastor TJ looks at the story of a demon possessed man found in Mark 5. This man was an outcast. He was an outsider. There was no hope for him in the eyes of other people in the community. His encounter with Jesus completely changed him. Jesus told him to go and tell what had happened and to show his transformation. When we encounter Jesus we should go, tell, and show what he's done for us.


6/5/16 - Pastor Jason Chenoweth

In the first week of Real People Real Stories, Pastor Jason talks about John. John referred to himself as the one whom Jesus loved. The reality is that we're all like John. Do you believe that Jesus loves people, or that he deeply loves you?