Revelation. It is the most popular book of the Bible in pop culture, but it is easily one of the least understood by church goers. Generations have had a deep obsession with the end times. But what if Revelation isn’t about the end of time, but the beginning of what’s next. Together we’ll take a look at what has been revealed as we unveil who Jesus is in Revelation.

Jesus Is Coming

Pastor Brad Davis - 12/4/2016

Jesus has made a promise, not only to never leave or forsake us, but to physically come back to claim us for His own.

Heaven is Home

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 11/27/2016

In Chapter 21 we see that Jesus is making all things new. There will be no more sin, pain, or death. For the believer this is the finish line.

God's Sovereignty and Our Intimacy

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 11/20/2016

God is sovereign, meaning that he is bigger than I think He is and more involved in my life than I realize.

Love Demands Justice

Pastor Brad Davis - 11/13/2016

The judgment of God is often seen as contradictory to His love, but this is exactly wrong. God’s judgment is built upon the flows out of His great love! God’s love demands justice, as true love rights wrongs.

Citizens of Heaven

Pastor Brad Davis - 11/6/16

The American dream is alive and well.  It rests squarely on two foundations: happiness and prosperity. The problem with each is that they are elusive and fleeting. In Revelation 18 we see the fall of Rome.  And like Rome one day the kingdom we know will fall as well. This is why we're called to invest in a kingdom that will never fall—the Kingdom of Heaven.

baptism Message - Jesus Paid It All

Pastor Jessica Seelye - 10/30/16

We lost it all, Jesus gave it all so we could gain it all. We've all been offered salvation through Jesus.

Heaven and Hell

Pastor Craig Olson - 10/23/16

Heaven and Hell are real places, representing blessedness and condemnation. We must live our lives mindful of eternity, concerned about our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.

The Enemy's Voice

Pastor Brad Davis - 10/16/16

Evil is real. Since the beginning of time, there has been a war between good and evil. We each live our lives in the middle of that battle! How do you win that battle when evil isn’t just “out there” but “in here?"


Pastor Brad Davis - 10/9/16

Suffering and tribulations are a fact of life, but one day all suffering will cease. God will fix (redeem) suffering for His glory and for all eternity!


Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 10/2/2016

Jesus is worthy of my deepest devotion because He suffered and died for me, purchasing me to reign and rule in God’s service.

Our Holy God

Pastor Brad Davis - 9/25/16

We are in a relationship with a faithful, all-powerful and Holy God! Our destiny is to live for His glory and find ourselves in worship of Him. Will you make your heart a throne-room for God?

The 7 Churches Pt. 3

Pastor Brad Davis - 9/18/16

Pastor Brad continues looking at the 7 letters to the 7 churches. We looked at the letter to the church in Philadelphia and Laodicea. God is calling us to walk through open doors. Do you hear him knocking?

The 7 Churches Pt. 2

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 9/11/16

Pastor Jason continued looking at the 7 churches found in Revelation. He focus on two churches specifically—Thyatira and Sardis. The letters to these churches urged them to wake up and to not compromise. How are we doing at this today?

The 7 Churches

Pastor Brad Davis - 9/4/16

In Revelation 2 we see Jesus talking to the 7 different churches. 7 is the number of wholeness. Letters are penned to the churches in Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. Each letter was specifically written to each church and contained praise and rebuke. These messages in the letters are themes that are relevant to our churches today.

Baptism Message - No Do-Overs, Only Makeovers

Pastor Craig Olson - 8/28/16

When you give Jesus your life, he renovates it. He pulls out the old and puts in what is new. He fixes what is broken. When you give Jesus your life He makes all things new.

The Vision of Jesus

Pastor Brad Davis - 8/21/2016

Pastor Brad looks at a Vision of Jesus.  We see that Jesus has all authority, power, and wisdom. Because of who Jesus is we can follow Him with confidence.

Intro to Revelation

Pastor Brad Davis - 8/14/2016

Pastor Brad kicks off the Revealed series by casting vision for what we'll learn and encounter as we dig deeper into the book of Revelation. While studying Revelation our hope is that you'll get a fuller picture of who Jesus is.


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