What happens when things don't go our way? What happens when we get angry? What happens when no one is looking? This series is all about rising and rebuilding. Forming character takes a lot of small steps not one gigantic leap. How will you make positive changes knowing people will stand against you? 

Rising to Greatness

Pastor Brad Davis - 05/21/2017

The desire for greatness has been planted by God in each one of us. But what happens when that desire gets twisted and becomes selfish? In Mark 9:30-37, Jesus reminds us that the pathway to greatness isn’t power, but service.

Rising to a New You

Pastor Brad Davis - 05/14/2017

Ephesians has a lot to say about who we are in Christ. Because of Jesus we've been adopted, redeemed, and sealed. Because of Jesus we aren't who we used to be.

Rising to Rebuild

Pastor Brad Davis - 05/7/2017

When we lose or forfeit something, we often have to start over or rebuild. Everyone has to rebuild sometime. It could be a marriage, reinventing the way you parent, a relationship, or even a dream.

Your Story

Pastor Jessica Seelye - 04/30/2017

When we read a book we're invited into the lives of the characters. At the beginning of the book many times we wonder what will happen to them. We wonder if they'll make it out of the sticky situation they're in, or if they'll live happily ever after. Because of Jesus we know how the story ends. Do you have faith in him and do you know what's at the end of your story?

Rising Out of Anger

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 04/23/2017

Everyone gets angry. Anger is a spontaneous response to a perceived injustice. Even Jesus got angry. But the anger Jesus is addressing here is the anger that turns into resentment or contempt for another human being.

Easter 2017

Pastor Brad Davis - 04/16/2017

If Christ is really risen, then we don’t need a bucket list, because the clock isn’t our enemy anymore.


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