During this series we'll be talking about how to prepare for, build, and maintain marriages that fulfill and delight us. Many of us may have been so wounded in relationships or grown so pessimistic about the state of marriage in our culture that we wonder, "Is it even possible to have a great marriage?" Is it realistic today to think that two people could stay together for a lifetime?

The state of marriage is in bad shape. Each week we'll be discussing things you need to be doing to help foster a great marriage.

This series isn't just for married folks either. There are a lot of things you can be doing right now to set you up for a successful marriage in the future.


Pastor Brad Davis (and Panel) - 3/8/2015

This is the last week of the #staytogether series. A panel answers questions submitted throughout the marriage series.


Pastor Brad Davis - 3/1/2015

Marriage takes a lot of work. Unfortunately today most believe that if it isn't easy it isn't worth it. When you say your vows on your wedding day you're saying that you'll never give up. Are you actively acting those vows out?


Pastor Brad Davis - 2/22/2015

We think that being pure means we need to clean ourselves off. When we realize that we were born bent, broken, and sinful we realize that we will never be clean without Christ.


Pastor Brad Davis - 2/15/2015

In every relationship we enjoy having fun whether it's between you and a roommate, a friend, or a spouse. If we're going to stay together we need to have fun together.


Pastor Brad Davis - 2/8/2015

This week Pastor Brad and his wife Jackie share what it means to fight fair. Fighting isn't the problem. How we fight is the problem. Learning to fight fair is a fundamental way to strengthen your marriage.


Pastor Brad Davis - 2/1/2015

This is the first week of the series #staytogether. Pastor Brad and his wife Jackie share what it means to seek God together as a married couple.


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