What is Stephen Ministry?

It is a one-to-one caring ministry made up of Christian volunteers who are available to support you and come alongside you. Stephen Ministry equips and empowers lay caregivers (called Stephen Ministers) to provide high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care to people who are hurting.

What does a Stephen Minister do?

A Stephen Minister gives one-to-one, lay Christian care.

  • One-to-one: Stephen Ministers meet privately with care receiver of the same gender. Stephen Ministers will only have one care receiver at a time.

  • Lay: Stephen Ministers are trained and supervised lay volunteers who will offer Bible-based encouragement. They are not professional counselors, therapists, physicians and not authorized to give legal, medical or financial advice.

  • Christian: Stephen Ministers are Christians who care in the name of Christ. They will not force spiritual topics, but are willing to discuss it if care receiver is open to it.

  • Care: Stephen Ministers care by listening, encouraging, praying, supporting. They are trustworthy and will maintain confidentiality in their caregiving relationship.

Will there be confidentiality in the Caregiving Relationship?

Stephen Ministers have been trained with the importance of confidentiality. All personal information will be kept confidential. Therefore, you can feel free to speak openly to your Stephen Minister as you share. Stephen Ministers do meet twice a month in Small Group Peer Supervision with one of their leaders a few other Stephen Ministers. This is necessary to help them provide the best quality care and to grow as caregivers. They will talk about their caregiving relationship. However, they will not mention names or personal information about their care receiver. There may be a rare occasion when a Stephen Minister must share with a Pastor if a life or safety is threatened.

How do I get a Stephen Minister?

If you are interested in learning more about the type of care a Stephen Minister can provide, please contact one of our Stephen Leaders, Amy Balting. She will meet with you to determine if Stephen Ministry is the best type of care for you. If it is, she will assign a Stephen Minister to contact you to begin the caring relationship. If it is not, then she will meet with Merry Popplewell our Pastor of Outreach and Care to help determine the best type of care for your needs.

What should I expect?

Shelbyville Community Church, its Pastors and Leaders cannot guarantee any results from Stephen Ministry. Just as your Stephen Minister has made a commitment to Stephen Ministry and to your caregiving relationship, it is important that you honor your commitment to meet as well. With that said, you do still have the right to terminate your caring relationship at any time. The Stephen Leaders and Pastor of Outreach and Care will help you locate alternative sources of help if still needed.

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Receive Stephen Ministry Care

If you’re interested in receiving care from a Stephen Minister, fill out the form, and you’ll be contacted by a Stephen Ministry Leader.

Stephen Ministry Leaders

  • Susan Allen

  • Amy Balting

  • Jeff Thomas

  • Dawn Thomas

  • Angi Elliott

  • Jeff Achenbach

  • Tammy Achenbach

  • Merry Popplewell, Pastor of Outreach and Care