The Student Ministry team strives to create a safe, fun, and effective ministry where students can connect with each other, their leaders, and most importantly their Savior.


Small Group Leader - Small group leaders are the pastors of the student ministry. They’re involved in retreats, camps, and weekly meetings with students. (MS & HS)


Gym Game Leader - Love playing dodgeball? Gym game leaders setup and oversee games in the gym during Senior High (Sundays) and Middle School (Wednesdays.) (MS & HS)


Event Drivers - When we’re doing an event outside of SCC we often need people to drive students and leaders. If you enjoy being with students, but don’t want the weekly responsibility of being a leader this is a great opportunity to help in a big way. (MS & HS)


Oversee College Visits - College is the next step for many of our Senior High students. Unfortunately we have a lot of students that visit colleges on their own. We’d love to have adults plan college visits and help students process what they experienced. (HS)


One-on-one Mentor - Mentors meet with a single student on a regular basis. They get to know that student, love on that student, push that student. Mentors offer discipleship and guidance.


Lobby Greeter - Do you like to create a welcoming environment? Lobby greeters open doors, get to know students names, and make them feel welcome as they arrive.


Snack Team - Students love food! The snack team buys snacks, sells them to students, and gets to know the students.


Plus 2 Teacher - Plus 2 is a middle school program that meets during second service on Sunday mornings. We’re looking for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teachers.


Plus 2 Assistant - Help Plus 2 teachers work with students.


Plus 2 Room Setup - Love students but want to play a role behind the scenes. We need help setting up tables and chairs and getting materials ready for classes.


Family Communications - Oversee weekly communications with parents and students. Use Email, social media, and texting to keep parents and students up to date.


Staff Photographer - Attend youth group, take pictures, and distribute to kids and parents


Post Grad Pastor - Work with adult small groups to adopt college students / military students and stay connected to them


Service Project Coordinator - Dream up, plan out, and execute service projects for middle school and high school students.


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