The Tech Team works behind the scenes to create environments
for people to engage God through worship.

Sound - The sound position mixes audio for special events and Sunday services in our auditorium as well as for our musicians’ monitors. If you’ve got a great ear for music we’d love to have you on the team.


Image - The image position controls what is projected on the screens in the auditorium. This position is responsible for inputing lyrics, sermon notes, and event graphics into ProPresenter as well as making sure the correct slides are shown during the service.


Lights - The lighting position programs and operates the lighting in our auditorium to create our service environments.


Camera Operator - The camera operator is responsible for setting up all necessary equipment and the operation of the camera during Sunday services. A live feed of the Sunday service is displayed on tv’s in the lobby and a recording of the service is posted online.


Producer - The Producer calls the shots. They oversee everything audio visual on a Sunday morning. (sound, lights, image, and camera operators)


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