This Christmas season we're looking at the story of the great banquet found in Luke 14:15-24. Everyone has a seat at the King's table, but not everyone accepts the invitation.

Good News that Brings Great Joy

Pastor Brad Davis - 12/24/15

When you read the Christmas story, all of the characters are filled with joy at the birth of a savior. So why is there sometimes such a disconnect when it comes to our own lives?

Christmas At The King's Table

Pastor Brad Davis - 12/20/15

When we say yes to the Invitation of the King of the Universe we become clothed in the righteousness of the King. Because of the royalty of Christ we can sit at the King's table.

The Story of the Great Banquet

Pastor Brad Davis - 12/13/15

Pastor Brad kicks off a new series "The King's Table." We look at the story of a great banquet found in Luke 14:15-24. Everyone has an invitation to the King's Table, but not everyone will accept.

On Your Heart

Pastor TJ Knowland - 12/27/15

God was specific in what He wanted the nation of Israel to do when it came to teaching. He knew that they were about to encounter teaching that would sound really appealing, but would lead them away from Him. How were they to stand a chance? How are we to stand a chance?


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