The wilderness is a locale for intense experiences—of stark need for food and water, of isolation, of danger and divine deliverance, of renewal, and encounters with God. For some the wilderness is a place to get perspective. It's a place where our belongings, our identity, and everything else get stripped away, and we are just ourselves. A place where modern comforts aren’t at hand and what's left is what’s essential. You might even be walking through the wilderness right now, facing a challenge that requires you to trust God to provide each step of the way.

Jesus: The Crucifixion

Pastor Craig Olson - 08/06/2017

For most of us the wilderness is a place we fear. It’s a place we want to run from. It’s a place that when we find ourselves in it, we want to escape as quickly as we can. 
This Sunday we’re going to look at Jesus and the crucifixion and how this wilderness story gives us hope in the face of anything we encounter.

Jesus: Temptation in the Wilderness

Pastor Brad Davis - 07/30/2017

Sometimes the wilderness is where you will face your greatest temptation. Everyone faces temptation, even Jesus! In fact, the Bible says that Jesus was tempted in every way that we are, yet He was without sin (Hebrews 4:15). This weekend we peer into Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness.

Job: Suffering in the wilderness

Pastor Brad Davis - 07/23/2017

Job endured the ultimate wilderness experience in the form of loss. He lost his children… When we find ourselves in the desert of loss, surviving can come from doing just a few things right.

ABRAHAM: Sacrifice in the Wilderness

Pastor Brad Davis - 07/16/2017

Abraham is sometimes called the “Father of Faith.” You may be interested to know that His faith grew mightily in the wilderness. If you want to trust God with everything you need to trust him with something.

Moses: Complaint in the Wilderness

Pastor Brad Davis - 07/09/2017

It’s easy to lose your way in the wilderness, especially when you’re looking through the lens of a life tainted with complaint. We’re used to thinking that nothing grows in the desert. But complaint has a way of taking root in the wilderness and multiplying.

Moses: I'll Be With You In The Wilderness

Pastor Craig Olson - 07/02/2017

Moses had to walk in the wilderness before he lead in the wilderness. Moses' wilderness experience was where he met his God. It was also where his inadequacies were face and his identity was forged.

Elijah: A Still Small Voice in the Wilderness

Pastor TJ Knowland - 06/25/2017

The story of Elijah defeating the prophets of Baal is one that is told time and time again. We look at it as a remarkable story of faith and courage. What happens after this though? Have you ever looked?

Jonah: God Saves In The Wilderness

Pastor Craig Olson - 06/18/2017

Jonah entered the wilderness due to his own disobedience. But God, being the father that he is pursued Jonah. This story about far more than a fish. It's about a resentful prophet and a relentless God.

Adam and Eve: Grace in the Wilderness

Pastor Craig Olson - 06/11/2017

For six days God created and after completion He said that "it was good.” But in Genesis chapter three things take a turn for the worse. And because of it Adam and Eve experienced a wilderness like no one else.

Joseph: God's Faithfulness in the Wilderness

Pastor Craig Olson - 06/04/2017

Sometimes we choose the wilderness. And other times the wilderness chooses us. This week we look at the story of Joseph and the crazy wilderness periods that shaped his life.

Paul: Recalibrating in the Wilderness

Pastor Craig Olson - 05/28/2017

Wilderness experiences are inevitable. But instead of trying to escape from them as quick as we can we need to start seeing them as opportunities to grow.

Who we are is forged in the Wilderness.



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