Turn on a tv or look at the news on your phone and you'll instantly see some very massive events happening around the world. These events effect countries, people, governments, and our relationships with others. The Bible doesn't speak to the specifics of these events, but it does contain principles that we need to use when thinking about them. This whole series is designed to give you the tools to be informed and the principles we need as people called to Love God, Love Others, and Serve the World.

#LoveMe - The LGBTQ Community

Pastor Brad Davis - 1/31/16

Pastor Brad wraps up the Trending series by looking at the topic of homosexuality through a Biblical lens. Homosexuality is a sexual sin along with pornography, adultery, and premarital sex. Homosexuality shouldn't be elevated above other sin and deemed as worse or "the unforgivable sin."

#LoveMe - Sex in Culture

Pastor Brad Davis - 1/24/16

We continue our Trending series by looking at sex in culture. Pastor Brad looks at topics like dating, adultery, pornography, lust, and attraction. We also talk about the concept of starving the sumo.

#GiveMe - Entitlement

Pastor Brad Davis and Pastor Craig Olson - 1/17/16

Pastor Brad and Pastor Craig look at the topic of entitlement. Entitlement isn't a generational issue, it's a heart issue. When we start expecting things from God and not enjoying His blessings, we rob Him of His goodness.

#LikeMe - Social Media

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 1/10/16

We all have the desire to be liked. Social media hasn't created this desire, but it has driven us to crazy things when we sit behind a screen. We say things we would never do face to face.  How in the world are supposed to navigate this world of instant likes and follow Jesus?  Do they overlap at all, or do we get a pass to leave our faith when we fire up our screens?

#HelpMe - The refugee Crisis

Pastor Brad Davis - 1/3/16

The Syrian Refugee crisis has been a huge area of contention throughout the world. As governments struggle to determine their steps, we too need to think through a response to the issue. What principles do we need to pull from Scripture as we formulate our response.


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