Turn on a tv or look at the news on your phone and you'll instantly see some very massive events happening around the world. These events effect countries, people, governments, and our relationships with others. The Bible doesn't speak to the specifics of these events, but it does contain principles that we need to use when thinking about them. This whole series is designed to give you the tools to be informed and the principles we need as people called to Love God, Love Others, and Serve the World.

#FightTheFear - Racism

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 8/7/2016

Pastor Jason closes out the series by looking at the racial issues plaguing the globe. Racism isn't an american issue, it's a sin issue. It starts with fear and turns to hate. If you follow Jesus, there is zero room for racism of any kind.

#Lookup - Same Sex Marriage Pt. 2

Pastor Brad Davis - 7/31/2016

Pastor Brad wraps up a two part series on same sex marriage. We look at the idea of tolerance and diversity and see that grace and love are much much stronger.

#LookUp - Same Sex Marriage Pt. 1

Pastor Brad Davis - 7/24/2016

Before we can talk about same sex marriage we need to look at marriage. Pastor Brad looks at the current state of marriage and talks about what marriage is and what marriage isn't.

#calmdown - The elections

Pastor Brad Davis - 7/17/16

Trump or Hilary... some people don't have a positive outlook when it comes to the 2016 presidential elections. Pastor Brad looks at politics in light of the Gospel and how we need to engage with government and authority.


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