Being compassionate means looking out for someone. It pushes us to go, share, and serve. Most of us would like to become more compassionate, but stuff gets in the way. The focus of this series is to call us as Christians to be more compassionate to the people we encounter everyday. 

Good News is Meant to be Shared

Pastor Brad Davis - 4/9/2017

We are called to share our faith in Jesus, no matter the potential cost. In sharing our faith, we can change and even save lives, even changing the trajectory of our entire city!

God's Compassion For Us

Pastor Hubert Nolen - 4/2/2017

The Story of Hosea is a story of compassion. Despite the unfaithfulness of the Israelites, God relentlessly pursued them. God shows the same compassion towards us today.

Love Does

Pastor Craig Olson - 3/26/2017

The early church was a compassionate church. They were commanded to be by Jesus, they were fueled by grace, and they were empowered by the holy spirit. Those three things are no different for the church today. What's changed?

The Tabitha Factor

Pastor Brad Davis - 03/19/2017

If you are waiting for some great opportunity to come along you will miss the good opportunities that come your way every single day. Serve others in the everyday.

Please Do Disturb

Pastor Brad Davis - 03/12/2017

Almost all of us would like to become more compassionate person, but it requires a rewiring of our hearts. The question of compassion is: “who are you looking out for?”


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