For most of us Christmas has a way of giving us that "warm fuzzy feeling." For others... it may mean another holiday season spent alone or hurting. No matter the feelings there are four words that will change the way we look at Christmas and what the coming of Christ meant to those in Jesus day and for us today.

Joy, Hope, Love, and Peace...

These are words we are all familiar with, but do we really know the meaning of them? Do we really get that these words are directly tied to Jesus? Listen as we unpack these words and explain what Joy, Hope, Love, and Peace really mean!


Pastor Brad Davis - 12/24/2014

As we finish up our Christmas series, we'll look at one of the most difficult words to understand - peace. It sounds so wonderful, and seems so hard to hold. What does God have for us, and what does this word REALLY mean?


Pastor Brad Davis - 12/14/2014

Pastor Brad looks at the word Love and defines it using Philippians 2. We see how Jesus took demotion after demotion to BE Love.


Pastor Brad Davis - 12/7/2014

Pastor Brad looks at the story of Ruth and how we see hope as wishful thinking.


Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 11/30/2014

It's pretty easy to confuse joy with happiness. We get new jobs, new cars, new houses, new everything hoping to manufacture Joy. Joy doesn't come from stuff, but from hearing good news.


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