One of the most refreshing feelings on a hot day is to dip your feet in cool water — whether thats in a pool, a lake, or the ocean. Most of us treat church like sticking our feet in the water. We want to experience the presence of God. We want to feel Him, but we want to be safe and comfortable. It's time that we jump in and experience Him fully!

The Key to God's Presence: Sensitivity

Pastor Brad Davis - 9/6/2015

Pastor Brad looks at the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit and the role it plays in our lives.

Joy in God's Presence

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 8/30/2015

Pastor Jason looks at Moses' relationship with God and the interaction that happened when God walked past Moses.

Present in Community

Pastor Brad Davis - 8/23/2015

Pastor Brad walks through the popular verse "when two or three are present I am there." We grow in our awareness of God's presence in community.

Present In My Circumstances

Pastor Brad Davis - 8/16/2015

Pastor Brad looks at how God uses our circumstances to speak to us and to walk with us. We also heard The Blackford family share about the loss of their son and how their relationship with Jesus has grown because of it.

Present In My Praise

Pastor Brad Davis - 8/9/2015

Pastor Brad discusses worship and the importance of it. "If you aren't growing in worship you will default to a rhythm of complaint."

Epic Fail

Pastor Brad Davis - 8/2/2015

Pastor Brad kicks off week 1 of the series Wake Up. It's pretty easy for us to show up at church on Sunday and feel the presence of God. But what if God wants us to sit in his presence all of the time?


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