Sometimes we feel like we're just talking to the wall... What's the point of praying?

Most of us have at one point or another asked the question "Why should I pray?" This series was designed to help us understand the point of prayer and the power of prayer.

Why Pray? Because God Answers Prayer

Pastor Brad Davis - 5/24/2015

We wrap up the Why Pray series. Pastor Brad looks at how God answers prayer and we hear from members how God has answered their prayers.

Why Pray? Because of Who's Asking

Pastor Brad Davis - 5/17/2015

This is week 2 of Why Pray. Pastor Brad breaks down the Lord's Prayer and what it means line by line.

Why Pray? Because Prayer Grows Intimacy with God

Pastor Brad Davis - 5/10/2015

We kick off a new series answering the question "Why Pray?" Pastor Brad looks at the story of Hannah and Samuel and the depth of Hannah's relationship with God.


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