The book of Acts shares the story of the early Church. We see Jesus promise the Holy Spirit, the arrival of the Holy Spirit, and what happens to a community of people that are filled with the Holy Spirit. And then we see the church spread like a wildfire. Acts isn't merely the history of the early church; it's the history of the mission of the early church.


Wildfire - Impressions

Pastor Brad - 9/2/2018

We’ve all heard the stories.  You may have even personally observed the wreckage. Someone does something stupid, or, worse yet, immoral or wicked and then claims that God told them to do it.
Impressions come from one of three sources.  They come from our own impulses or desires, from God, or from a Satanic source.  So how to you tell the difference?
Join us this weekend as we unpack how to test an impression to see whether its from God.  This is a vital teaching that you and one of your friends may need to hear.


Wildfire - The Voice

Pastor Brad - 8/26/2018

There is nothing more important to the quality of your life than learning to hear God’s voice.  Dallas Willard says it this way, “I suppose someone can get by in life without hearing from God, but it is not much of a life, and certainly not the kind of life God intends for His children.”  
When a man or woman is guided by the Spirit, there is life and peace and rest.  But when you are rely on yourself, there is often turmoil, uncertainty, and anxiety. 

Join us this weekend as we unpack what it looks like to hear and discern the voice of God. God really does have a voice, and it’s possible for ordinary people to hear it and follow.


Wildfire - Guided by the Word

Paster Brad - 8/19/2018

We need a book that lights and guides our way.  We need a book that helps us stay close to God and stay true to our ultimate purpose.  We need a book that brings us inspiration and hope.  We need a book that filters out things like shame and accusation by reminding us that we are sons and daughters of the King.  You know where this is going!

We are rooted in the Word of God or we die.  It is the way home, the way forward, and the way to freedom and wholeness. Join us this weekend as we unpack how to let the Word of God guide and transform you.  The call of Scripture is not merely to just believe the Bible, but to be transformed and guided by it!


Wildfire - Guided

Pastor Brad - 8/12/18

Many of us think about God’s guidance in the same way, especially as it relates to the biggest
decisions of life.  Which partner should I marry that will give me the greatest happiness?
Which school should I attend that will give me the best career?  Which house should I buy that
will present the best value?  What we often want is not God’s guidance, but inside information
about what will lead us to the most money, happiness, or success.

But what if God’s guidance is about far more than just inside information?  What if you were
meant to live out of God’s guidance, not just in the big things, but with some of the smaller
things in your life as well?  What decisions are you making right now that demand God’s


Wildfire - The Art of Spiritual Investments

Pastor Brad 8/5/2018

What distinguishes consistently happier people from less happy people is the presence of deep, rich, meaningful relationships with other people.  Relationships where people are invested in one another and their well-being.  

Not surprisingly, the call to discipleship is a call to relationships.  Discipleship is at its best when it is lived out in the context of relationships.  Join us this weekend as we take a look at how the early believers of Acts invested spiritually and relationally in one another.  We’ll also see what becomes possible when people in a church are spiritually and relationally investing in one another.


Wildfire - The Book of Acts

Pastor Craig 7/29/18

Have you ever watched a movie, or even worse, binged 12 seasons of a tv show one night only to be left with a bad ending?
After making our way through the Book of Acts the past five months we're left with what could be deemed a bad ending. This Sunday we’re looking at the final chapter of the book of Acts and how its abrupt ending is significant to us today.


Wildfire - God in the Storm

Pastor Mike 7/22/2018

Storms are powerful...volatile...unpredictable...and unavoidable.  No wonder the worst that the weather has to offer became a way to describe the toughest parts of our lives.  We typically think of storms as painful -- something simply to be endured & lamented.  But what if there's more to enduring storms than simply asking "Why?"  What if God wants to redeem our storms & use them for good?  What if storms tell us just as much about the one who walks with us through them as it does about ourselves?  Join us Sunday as we explore how Paul endured a horrible storm & what his example teaches us about how we should respond to storms in our own lives.



Wildfire - Get A Grippa

Pastor Jason 7/15/18

When you think of chains, all sorts of images come to mind. A gold beauty hanging in the exposed chest hair of a disco king. A set of links propelling a bicycle down the road. Maybe a heavy weight attached to an ankle, keeping someone in place against their will. Possibly you remember Pastor Brad and his chains from Easter a couple of years ago. All sorts of chains.
This week we will look at the importance of those links, and what makes our part of the chain a link well lived. Paul worked this out, and we have to as well.


The Comfort of the Gospel

Pastor Brad 7/8/2018

We Christians have an amazing source of comfort and strength that we are meant to live out of every single day. It’s meant to give us hope and strength in every moment of our lives, no matter how hard or difficult the situation. Our hope is in the gospel.
Join us this weekend as we discover the hope of the gospel in, of all things, a riot and a beating! You weren’t meant to simply get by. You were meant for more. You were meant to live out of the gospel.


A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

Pastor Jason 7/1/2018

This week we are reading Acts 20. A kid dies of boredom. Paul runs for home at breakneck speed. People who hear God's voice are ignored. And that's just the first few verses. Come spend some time with us this Sunday as we gaze long and hard uphill at the trail God is laying out before us. We'll discuss what it takes to climb it, and what is waiting at the crest of the mountain.



Pastor Mike 6/24/2018

You'd think that living out a dream 6 years in the making would make a person excited to wake up every day. I finally had the chance to go to grad school and get the degree that I'd been wanting to pursue for so long. Suddenly the seminary degree that was supposed to be equipping me to walk with others toward Jesus was distracting me from life's most important things. Eventually, I admitted to my wife a truth of which I wasn't proud: I'd never surrendered my seminary studies to Jesus. I'd allowed a very good thing to become an idol that controlled me. Join us as we consider what it looks like to smash our idols & faithfully run toward Jesus each day.



Pastor Jessica - 6/17/2018

Join us Sunday as we unpack what it’s like to live out our faith publicly like Paul in a place that’s trying to understand a God that is unknown to them.


The Philippian Jailer

Pastor Craig Olson - 6/10/2018

For the last few months we’ve been making our way through the book of Acts. Week by week we’ve seen the Gospel spread across the globe like wildfire. This Sunday we’re going to look at a story of how Jesus used some pretty uncomfortable situations to transform the city of Philippi.


Lydia and the Slave Girl

Pastor Brandon Rood - 6/3/2018

As we continue our series in Acts we’re going to follow along with Paul and Luke as they run into two unique characters that are so opposite we are sure to relate to one or the other. What do we find at the end of these stories? God uses Paul and Luke in these two character’s lives to save people, plant a church, and show us a very low-pressure way of sharing the good news of Jesus.

How Quickly They Turn

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 5/27/18

This week, we'll look at Acts 14:8-23.  Paul does the big, powerful miracle.  And it makes a mess.  So, he wades in and fixes the mess.  Which gets him killed.  All so that he can follow up with faithfulness, and see God work.  Yeah, it's as crazy as it sounds.  And it completely relates to our life each day with our family, our work, our school, and our friends.

We can't wait to see you this weekend as we jump in to the crazy world Paul lives in, and the amazing God who leads him through it.


What Makes a Church Great?

Pastor Brad Davis 5/20/2018

Great churches in God’s eyes are filled with people who encourage one another.  Join us this weekend as we talk about this and some of the other hallmarks of a church that would follow in Jesus’ footsteps.


Joy in the City

Pastor Brad Davis 5/13/2018

You and I were built to make our lives count on the foundation of God for the sake of others! When we follow Jesus by bringing joy and healing to others, it magnifies our own joy and healing. Join us this Sunday as we discuss how we can be the kind of church that would bring great joy to our city.


Suffering and Trust

Pastor Brad Davis 5/6/2018

“Why?” is the question that hits the hardest. It is the question that hurts the most. It is the question that lingers the longest. It is a question almost everyone has asked. “Why God?”
Interestingly, this is a question you never find in the book of Acts. Even though there is great suffering, injustice, and persecution, those early believers never ask God that question. Join us this weekend to find out why.


Baptism Sunday

Pastor Craig Olson - 4/29/2018

Baptism is a reminder to keep our spiritual appetites sharp. It reminds us to never stop pursuing Christ, seeking to know Him, and letting Him fill us with His grace and mercy. Scripture reminds us: “For God saved us and called us to live a holy life. He did this, not because we deserved it, but because that was his plan from before the beginning of time–to show us his grace through Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 1:9).



Pastor Brad Davis - 4/22/18

Pretending to be something you are not can have tragic consequences. The business of faking it happens everywhere, but it’s especially tragic when it happens in a church. When a church is filled with pretenders, the beauty of Jesus gets trampled and people get confused and hurt. Faking it in church is a great way to destroy everything else in your life, especially your family and children, who see the hypocrisy. Don’t settle for fake. Let’s be the real thing together.



Pastor Brad Davis - 4/15/18

You won’t last in this life if you don’t have courage. Almost everything worthwhile that will come into your life will come because of courage. When you read through the book of Acts, you can’t help but be struck by the courage of those early followers of Jesus. Even at the risk of their own lives and families, they refused to be half hearted or lukewarm followers of Jesus. But how does courage grow? How do we find it when we need it? Join us this weekend as we explore the nature of courage and discuss how to become more courageous in your everyday life.


Waitin' and Waitin'

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 4/8/2018

Misunderstandings can happen so easily and so quickly. It just takes a small gap in information, and suddenly problems can appear from virtually nowhere. When it happens in the church, the impact can sometimes be forever. In our story this week, in Acts 6:1-7, we are going to watch the very early church face one of it's first internal problems.


He Is Risen

Pastor Brad David - 3/31/18 and 4/1/18

Over the years, hundreds of people have professed faith in Jesus at one of our Easter events. Our great hope is that each and every church invite will result in someone coming to know Jesus. Which of your relatives, neighbors, family members, or co-workers do you want to see come to know Christ this Easter? People are more likely to respond to your invitation this weekend than at any other time of the year.


The First Sermon

Pastor Hubert Nolan - 3/25/18

It’s one thing to know that you’ve broken God’s law, but it’s another thing entirely to realize that you’ve broken God’s heart. In Acts 2, Peter preaches a message that cuts the people to their core. He uses the Old Testament to show that all of the Bible is about Jesus, not us, and to call the very people who crucified Jesus to change their minds about Him.


The Coming of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Brad Davis - 3/18/18

Through this first encounter with the Holy Spirit, we’ll notice three things that become true of every believer when they are filled with the Spirit. We’ll see that the filling of the Spirit brings outside power, inner wonder, and a joyful obsession with the goodness of God. We’ll not only talk about what it means to live filled with the Spirit, but how to stay filled with the Spirit when you have a life that leaks!



Pastor Craig Olson - 3/11/2018

Acts isn’t just the written history of the early church, it’s the history of the mission of the church.  The very mission we are to continue carrying out today.  This Sunday we’ll be looking at a beautiful description of how the early church loved God, loved one another, and served the world, and how that applies to us today.


You'll Receive Power When...

Pastor Brad Davis - 3/4/2018

We’re used to thinking about the Bible as being written for believers. But the book of Acts was actually written for a skeptic! As someone experiences more and more of the Holy Spirit, they will begin to grow a heart for lost people! So join us this Sunday as we grow in our awareness of the most important character in the book of Acts: The Holy Spirit.


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