We live in a broken world. This isn't news to most of us, but it's a reminder that there is a lot we need to be doing that we currently aren't.

When we see how God (The Trinity) gives love, is generous, and cares about justice we see that as followers of Jesus we too need to love, be generous, and care for justice.  This series is all about serving. Why should we serve and who should we serve.

How Do I Serve? With Urgency

Pastor Brad Davis - 7/26/2015

Pastor Brad finishes up the Your Move series discussing the urgency that we need to serve with. Faith without deeds is dead.

How Do I Serve? With Trust

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 7/19/2015

Pastor Jason continues the Your Move series. He uses the illustration of a PEZ dispenser to show how we can be collectors or distributors. What we have received isn't for us to sit on, but to share with everyone.

How Do I Serve? With Passion

Evan Casey (Guest Speaker) - 7/12/2015


Who Do I Serve? The Poor

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 6/28/2015

Pastor Jason looks at the word poverty. We often think of financial poverty, but there is also emotional and spiritual poverty.

Who Do I Serve? The Least

Pastor Brandon Rood - 6/21/2015


Why Serve? Because of Who God Wants Us to Be

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 6/14/2015

Once you become a Christian you can't help but be changed. You're experiencing the love, generosity, and justice of the Trinity. We become more like God, therefore we need to do as God does. We need to care about love, generosity, and justice.

Why Serve? Because of What He's Done

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 6/7/2015

We continue the Your Move series by looking at what Jesus has done for us. When we understand that He did everything He did to be obedient to his Father and to serve us it changes things. We serve because He served us.

Why Serve? Because of Who God Is

Pastor Jason Chenoweth - 5/31/2015

Pastor Jason kicks off the new series Your Move. We look at the Trinity (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.) We should care about justice and we should be generous because God is a just and generous God.


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